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06-24-2002 @ 10:30 p.m.
Hammock Time

This afternoon, when the shade was on the back patio, Joey and I laid in my hammock for about an hour. The house was 85 degrees so we needed some fresh air. Outside it was probably only about 80 degrees in the shade and there was a delightful breeze that came by every now and then. It was so peaceful--listening to the birds and the music in the house, talking about this and that, her telling me silly knock-knock jokes out of her Captain Underpants book and us just lying there together. I really enjoyed that.

After awhile, her eyes started to itch from allergies so she put her book away and wanted to cuddle while she closed her eyes. It was so sweet and comfy. We talked about clouds and school and friends and birds and bugs and all manner of things that passed through our minds. I enjoyed the physical closeness and the familiar banter we shared. It was one of those moments in time that I wanted to freeze forever.

But alas, time does not freeze. And little girls grow up. I hope we'll have more hammock chats and cuddles in the coming weeks and months. And I hope that she'll look back at them as fondly as I am doing right now.


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