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06-18-2002 @ 8:59 p.m.
Golf and Boobs

It continued to sprinkle today which was just fine and dandy with me. I was able to continue breathing and seeing and I like that a lot. This evening, though, the skies cleared and we went for a walk to the park with Joey and that damn pollen was in the air again and my nose ran like a faucet. And I'm almost out of decongestant. I'm going to have to go get more tomorrow.

I took Joey and Baylee to the mall today to get some hair doodads and some fake glasses. They were both delighted. We had lunch at McDonald's, which also delighted them. It's nice to have children who are easily delighted. I also bought a boatload of soap at B@th and B0dy Works. They were having a sale on their glycerine soaps that I love so I stocked up. I love buying new soap and new shampoo. Speaking of which, I didn't get any shampoo--I need to get more of that, too.

There wasn't a whole lot more to my day--hanging with the kids, going to the mall twice, oh-and hitting some balls at the driving range when I went to get Joey. I'm short enough that I can use her clubs! Well, her woods anyway. It was fun, but I really suck at golf. (For some reason, every time I try to type the word golf, I end up typing gold and having to fix it.) I used to have a decent swing but I haven't held a club in ages--at least 4 or 5 years, I'd say. It's sad. It's hard holding a club when you have such voluminous boobs as I have (and which I plan to not have after I get going with the metformin). They just get in the way! I think I'm going to start carrying my clubs and Joey's clubs in the trunk, though, so when we get a hankering to hit balls, we can just go and do it from wherever we are. I used to do that when I worked in an office. It was great stress therapy to go hit a bucket of balls on my lunch break. Or after work when I was all frustrated.

I have some laundry to fold now. I'm almost caught up. Except that we have some winter clothes that don't fit in the guest room closet where we keep our off-season clothes. Hmmm....this is a problem. I don't know what to do with them.

Tomorrow I'm going to be productive--in the morning when I'm babysitting the neighbor kids, I'm going to go out back and set up my sprinklers for the garden and put down my cocoa mulch and plant my other seeds--the parsley and something else that I can't remember. Then I'm going to go out front and plant the grasses and flowers I bought and which I've been too allergic to plant. I may have to wear a HEPA filter on my nose, but I'm going to do it! And then I'm going back to the mall to buy a pair of sandals. Slides, really. They're insanely comfortable and kind of expensive ($104) but I have to get really supportive shoes and I need to replace the slides I've been wearing for the last 4 summers. I figure that if I can get four summers out of them, my unit cost ought to be pretty good.

I told Grandma I'd stop by tomorrow to get her medicine all sorted out. She needs refills on everything. And she needs me to throw some of her mail away for her. She gets confused easily so when junk mail comes, she takes it seriously and thinks that some solicitations are bills. I told her to save anything like that for me and then I come over and throw it all away for her. It's better that way. She frets about things so much.

Now is the time in LobotomyLand where I have to get more kleenex to take care of the abundance of snot so I'll just go.



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