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06-17-2002 @ 8:00 p.m.
This & That & Golf

I took Joey to her golf camp today and she did really really well. I was so proud of her--I could hardly stand myself. She hefted her bag over her shoulder like she'd been doing it for years--this is some serious cuteness. I'm definitely going to have to take some photos of her. When she was leaving, her teacher said "You're going to be a pro when you grow up." Yep, that's my girl. She may be at a serious handicap, though, being heterosexual. (At least I *think* she's heterosexual--it's hard to tell at age 8.)

Stacey and I went shopping while the girls were at camp. We haven't spent much time together lately and it was way past due. It was nice to talk to her about stuff that's going on with me--my new meds and just general life stuff. We seem to either be totally in sync and doing tons of stuff together or we're totally out of sync being all busy and stuff like that so we don't see each other for days or weeks. I haven't spent any time with just her since May 31 which is way out of the ordinary for us.

It's her anniversary so I offered to have Baylee spend the night here. She was quite delighted with that idea and so were the girls. I do believe jumping and squealing were involved. We went to dinner at Taco Bell, always a crowd pleaser, with promises to make stove-top s'mores for dessert later. They're off in their own world right now. They always do that. They have so much history together--they've known each other and been best friends since before either of them could walk. How great that must be to have a friend like that. I mean, I have that with Stacey, but we didn't meet until we were grown-ups. But our life experiences have been remarkably similar. Still, I wish I had a friend from my childhood. That would be cool.

I woke up this morning after sleeping 8 hours. I just woke up and was awake and alert. I didn't know a person could do that. Waking has always been a literally painful experience for me. Now it's not. I just wake up and get up. I like that. I think my life could have been a lot more pleasant if I'd had this happen to me years ago. I'm starting to think I've been depressed for most of my adult life if this is the way not being depressed feels like. I tell you--I have a lot more patience than I thought I did. Or rather, me on drugs has a lot more patience. This is a good thing, as Martha is wont to say.

Did I mention that we have cable now instead of satellite? I was afraid that I'd have to give up my beloved Food channel but they added it to the line up so now I have Food TV as well as FX which just happens to be the M*A*S*H channel. Now M*A*S*H is just about the finest television program ever made and I have been sorely missing it because none of the channels we had on satellite showed it. But now I can watch it 4 times a day if I want. (And sometimes I do want. ::g::) And we have the Hallmark channel which shows Northern Exposure, which is another favorite program of mine. Isn't this great? Just when I have less interest in watching TV, I have more of it I like to watch. Isn't that just how it always is?

Oh--and the very best thing about today? It RAINED! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. That's me being VERY happy. I could breathe. I could see. I didn't feel like clawing my eyes out every second of the day. In fact, I went outside a few times today and loved the rain. I kissed the rain. I would have made love to the rain if I could have figured out a way. It was pure pleasure on my part. Ah--clean air again. Breathing out of BOTH nostrils. Seeing. I tell you--it doesn't get much better than this.


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