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06-16-2002 @ 10:04 p.m.
Allergies and Dads

There have been better days in my life. I woke up with intensely itchy eyes and stuffy nose this morning and nothing I did made them feel better except rubbing rubbing rubbing them. It was awful. I thought I was going to claw them out at one point. My antihistamine eye drops were of no use whatsoever. Finally, after hours of frustration, I got a cold, wet washcloth and put it over my eyes and laid down on the couch for a few hours. It was boring (and I eventually fell asleep for awhile) but when I got up, my eyes were much improved. Then a few hours later, I went outside for 5 minutes to water my garden and that was a big mistake. I had to put in eyedrops and lie down again with my cold compress but this time it only took about 30 minutes to get relief. I tell you--allergies freaking SUCK.

Poor Ed--it wasn't much of a Father's Day for him. I made him some yummy gyoza for dinner (and even did the dishes--usually his job) and gave him a card with promises of gifts of a more personal nature later but it was just a blah day. He didn't seem to mind, though. He's just that kind of guy.

It was nice to talk to my dad today--he's such a busy socialite it cracks me up. He had guests over for dinner and pool. He has a roommate now, though I suspect it could turn into something more in time. The woman's name is Sandy and she and her late husband used to be very good friends of my mom and dads. When I was a kid, I used to babysit her sons when she had pool league nights and they used to throw big gambling parties and stuff like that. They were my parents' main socializing couple over the years. Her husband died a few years ago and she lost the tavern they owned together. My dad was interested in dating her a few years ago but she smoked and he wasn't going to get involved with another woman who smoked so he didn't pursue it further. I thinks she quit smoking, though. Anyway,she has fallen on some hard times and my dad offered one of his extra bedrooms to her rent free. I like the idea of him having a roommate because that way if anything happens to him, I know we'll find out right away. They do things socially together, too. I'm sure that she is cooking for him (and she's a darn fine cook, too) and probably helping him keep the place a little more tidy (like most men, he's not particularly tidy). These are all very good things. And even if it never turns into anything, I just like knowing she's there and I'm sure he enjoys the company. I would give them my full blessing, though, if they got together. I have always liked her very much. And since they have such history together, I think it would be a good pairing.

Dad has also started landscaping his yard. For years, the place has been unattended but now with his friend's help, he's planting flowers and roses and fruit trees and excavating and putting in a retaining wall and extending his patio and doing lots of stuff that will make the place look so much nicer. I'm so glad! It would be very easy for him to just let the place die on the outside but he's not doing that. Yay!

Joey starts golf camp tomorrow. I'm excited for her--this will be a great project for her. And when it's over, it will be fun to take her to the driving range for family golf night. She's pretty excited about learning to play golf, too. Her small exposure thus far has been terrific. She seems to show a good proclivity for it.

Her end-of-year report card came and it was excellent. Her reading and math scores on the testing they did in March indicate that she is between 3rd and 4th grade skill level (she was a 2nd grader) which is great. And her math scores were better than her reading scores which is quite a surprise since she doesn't really like math and reads like a demon. I'm just so pleased that she is working above her grade level. I was afraid that she might drop down this year being out of the Montessori program and in a public school but she hasn't. This is very good news, indeed. She's quite pleased with her progress, too.

I'm hoping that it will rain soon to clean the pollen out of the air. I have plants that need to get in the ground and I can't spend enough time out of doors to do it. Perhaps I could do it with goggles on--I may just try that tomorrow. I have my chemistry safety goggles in the garage--I'll give them a whirl.

Wish me pollen-free thoughts.


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