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06-09-2002 @ 11:12 p.m.
Blow Me Down!

It's been a rather quiet weekend around here. We mostly hung around the house yesterday though I did spend 2 hours in my car writing at the park while Joey and her friend played. It was a good writing day for me yesterday. After getting information from Amy on Friday about some of the events I'm working on, I was itching to write. I wrote a bit more today but didn't really have as much time as I'd have liked.

We went to Julia's birthday barbecue and fondue party tonight. It was just lovely. These people are so dear to us--they're like having a brother and sister that we only found out about 5 years ago. It's so good to have friends like that. At one point, I said, "Russell?" and he said, "What do you want, Honey?" because he thought I was Delyn. It was really quite hilarious--he turned kind of red at his mistake. We laughed and laughed at it and kept making jokes about it through the night.

One a downer note, allergies suck. I'm at the stage in my allergy season where all hell breaks loose and I don't like it. My nose is running like a freaking faucet, my eyes are itchy itchy itchy and my lungs are wheezy. I'm sneezing all the time and fell generally like crap. Crap, I tell you. I'm using eyedrops, steroid nasal spray, allergy pills and my asthma inhaler. It SUCKS! I think they need to direct some of that genome research to allergies and get me some relief. June is such a miserable month for me. MIZERABLE.

And now I have to go blow my nose because I just sneezed and I'm out of tissues. My face feels like it is plastered with the lotion from those Kleenex ultra lotion tissues and I hate it. But the other tissues are too rough to use so I have to put up with lotion face.



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