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06-07-2002 @ 12:08 a.m.
Miss Granola Suicide and her Spawn

Done! With the darkroom, that is. I finished my print order today and now I'm done done done. Joey is quite concerned about where I'm going to develop my pictures, though. I assured her that I wouldn't appropriate her play house and turn it into a darkroom (even though it seemed like a great idea in my dream a few months back).

I met with Amy today and did some research for my book. Oh my gosh--she told me some stuff that absolutely curled my toes. I couldn't have made up some of the stuff she told me. These will be great scenes and details in the book. Some will be altered and fictionalized but the core will be the same. I'm hot to write now. Hot, I tell you. Hot. Sizzling. But alas, I couldn't write tonight because we went to see a movie. Sometimes life (and dates with your beloved) get in the way of that urge to write.

All I have to say is go see About A Boy. Oh my gosh! This is a freaking hilarious movie. And clever. And Hugh is rakishly disheveled. I've never been attracted to him before but Delyn is so I joked about her love of skinny, C-shaped Englishmen and she joked about my love for raw, passionate, swarthy Latin men. But after this movie, I have a thing for Hugh now. He was so great in that movie! Go. Now! Go on. Get out of here and go see it!


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