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05-29-2002 @ midnightish
Much Improved. Much Improved.

Thanks for all the guestbook entries. Today was, indeed, much improved. First, off, I let myself sleep as long as I needed to and didn't feel one bit guilty about it. I knew that Joey would be at Brownies until 5pm so I had lots of time to myself today.

I ran my errands (except one, but I'll have time to do that tomorrow morning before class) today and took care of some things that needed to be tended to. I made an appointment for my cat at the vet for tomorrow afternoon. I bought my matboard and backer board for my photos and had them cut to size at the store. Fortunately, I was able to get 4 mats from one full-sized board so that was very good, indeed.

I spent $85 at the Big Name pet supply store getting a new litter box, new cat litter, cat odor spray and eliminator (and these ones actually work!) and cat food. This better freaking work or she's toast.

Then I went to a big Asian market and bought all kinds of goodies. I bought some nori and tobikko and gari and tamago and surimi for making sushi. I bought 4 bags of frozen gyoza (aka potstickers). We *love* gyoza in this family. It's fun being married to a (half) Japanese man. We eat lots of fun things that way. But best of all, I bought six (count 'em--six!) bags of edamame. Mmmmmm. I had some for dessert tonight! They are so very delicious. I can see that these six bags will last us about a week, though. I'm going to have to buy 10 or 20 next time.

I changed the litter box when I got home and put some of that odor eliminator on the cement under the litter box and danged if it didn't actually eliminate the urine odor! The garage is all fresh smelling now and the new high-sided litter box seems to have attracted her attention. Let's just pray it stays that way, shall we?

I reread the last two chapters in my WIP and did some revision while I was eating my delicius Quizno's sandwich today and then this evening I wrote them into my wonderful Boorum & Pease record book that I write in. I've been writing in a sloppy little notebook, revising things, then rewriting (and revising as I go) the stuff into the "good" book. Later, I'll do another revision as I type it up. I like using this method of revising because it forces me to look at every word. I have a habit of skipping over whole sentences and sections when I'm reading my own stuff.

And did I mention that I had a big bowl of edamame for a snack tonight? Mmmmm. Delish!

The mom of the girl who was Joey's best friend/worst enemy at her old school called tonight to invite Joey to go see Br1tney Spe@rs in concert tomorrow night. Am I crazy or would you allow your 8-year-old daughter to stay up until 10 or 11pm on a school night to watch this scantily-clad sexpot gyrate herself on stage while blasting what can only loosely be called musicl at way-too-many decibels? I thanked her for the invitation but declined. Joey's only 8 years old. She'll have many many concert-attending years ahead of her. There is no need to get her started on that path at such an early age, especially when I don't want her to aspire to dress/dance/act like the performer in question. Besides the fact that Joey has to play the piano in front of the whole school at 8:15 the next morning. Uh uh. I don't think so. I'm glad she asked me first before having her daughter ask Joey. That would have resulted in some kind of meltdown. Then again, if I told Joey how very loud concerts are, she'd probably decline the invitation herself just on that principle. She loathes loud sounds (and a flushing toilet is a loud sound to her).



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