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05-25-2002 @ midnight
On a Writing Roll

Since I slept so freaking much yesterday, I had a hard time falling asleep and didn't end up dozing until almost 4am. Of course, that doesn't bode well for getting back to a normal sleep schedule. One that is more in keeping with the rest of my family and friends. I got up around 11am which, sad to say, was an improvement over yesterday. I dressed in workout clothes right away so I would have no excuse to exercise. It worked, too.

I had some breakfast and then was overcome with some, uh, intestinal distress which halted my exercise plans for awhile until I was sure that it wouldn't return. I did some writing while the TV droned on as background noise. I love it when I'm in a writing groove.

When my tummy felt better, I hopped on the treadmill and walked for 40 minutes, fifteen of which I was using the hand weights to exercise my biceps and triceps and rotator cuff muscles. I like to use weights in the first 10 or 15 minutes because it helps to get my heart rate up to speed faster than just walking. I could use the help in my upper body, too. It's pretty flabby. Ugh.

I watched 40 minutes of the Wedding Singer while I walked. I've had a thing for Matthew McConnaughey ever since I saw him in A Time To Kill. Oh my gosh, was he ever sexy in that movie. All sweaty and wearng those great wire frame glasses. He has a face that definitely looks better with wire frame glasses than with no glasses. And he looks downright hot when he has longish hair. And those dimples? Yeah, baby. He isn't nearly as sexy in short hair and when he did that movie EdTV? Blech! But the Newton Boys? The Wedding Singer? A Time to Kill? Pure eye candy.

When my workout and lustfest was over, I turned off the video to save it for my next workout and hung out with Ed in the garage awhile. He's working on a work and storage bench in the garage and finally got his drawers installed. After that scintillating experience, I went back to writing. I was working on a very difficult scene where my character has to search for her boyfriend who seems to be MIA after a very strange morning and manic week and she finally finds him dangling from the end of a rope in the gazebo of his parents' home. It was a very difficult scene to put together. I wrote about 2000 words and I'm champing at the bit to finish the scene and the aftermath of the suicide.

This book is very loosely based on my sister's experiences in her 20s and I thought it would be easier to plot since I had some basic elements in place already but you know what? It's even harder than when I'm making all the stuff up myself. For one, I'm second guessing myself thinking "this isn't how it was" or "this will be hard for her to read" or "is this too close to home?" I finally told myself that I just had to write what the characters drove me to write and forget that it was inspired by actual events. While there are some plot points that coincide with my sister's life, this is very much a fictionalized account so it's my own story. As long as I keep that in mind, I think it will be fine. It will be interesting to see how she responds to the story. I told her what I was doing and she was fine with my using her life as a model. All the names are changed, of course, but some people close to the events may recognize who certain characters are. That's ok. I doubt they're the type who will be picking up my book anyway. ::g::

Joey spent the day with her friend today. They took her swimming and to a pond to feed ducks and to Costco and they played a lot. When we finally picked her up at 7:30, she'd been there over 24 hours! I remember long sleep-overs like that when I was a kid. My mom was the kind who was really loose about things like that--stay over the whole weekend? Sure! Stay for dinner? No problem. Can I go skating with them? You betcha. I could almost always go where I was invited which was a nice thing. Anyway, we picked her up at 7:30 and the three of us when to indulge my craving for sushi and edamame. For once, I have a craving for something that's good for me--soybeans and carrots. I can't seem to get enough of either one. I'm glad about that. I need to go to the Asian market in Beaverton and pick up some frozen edamame so I can just eat them at home instead of going to the sushi place.

When we got back, Joey went right to bed and I went right to the grocery store. We're having a barbecue tomorrow with Russell and Delyn to inaugurate their new grill so I needed to pick up some supplies. I also needed to stop by Grandma's and drop something off. She's been kind of clingy lately and I'm not in a place where I can respond well to clingy. I need to call Amy and get her ass over her to play with Grandma--she hasn't been to visit Grandma in a couple of weeks, the dog!

Anyway, at the store, it seemed I couldn't go 2 minutes without running in to someone I knew. It took me forever to get my shopping done! I bought a nice little seedless watermelon, though. I'm very excited about eating it!

And while I wasn't wildly productive, I did feel good about the day since I got a lot of writing done, exercised and put a load of laundry in. (Now I need to dry it!) At least the house is still relatively tidy from last week so there wasn't anything urgent that needed doing. Except our shower. But let's not go there, ok?


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