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05-24-2002 @ 11:28 p.m.
Appointments R Us

I slept and slept and slept and slept and slept today. Twelve hours with a few interruptions. I wasn't necessarily tired. I just didn't want to get out of bed. When I finally did get out of bed (at which hour I'm embarrassed to say), I picked up my telephone and made an appointment with my doctor. Unfortunately she can't see me until June 12th but knowing that I have an appointment set makes me feel much better.

I was on an appointment-making roll, too. I made an appointment with the eye doctor for the 3rd and appointments for hair cuts for me and Joey on the 13th. I couldn't get ahold of Joey's orthodontist so I'll have to try that next week. Hope the appointment-making fever still has me in its grips. I need to make an appointment to get a facial, too. I got the facial as a Christmas gift and I haven't redeemed it yet. I'd like to make an appointment for Grandma to get a massage, too, with Gwen, my LMT friend. We'll see.

I wrote today, too. Not a lot but enough to make me feel better about sleeping so much. I've decided not to throw away my first novel. I'm going to finish it. So I'm working on two at the same time. I like that--when I get tired of one story, I can switch to the other.

I had stopped working on the first one because I thought what I was writing was absolute drivel but night before last, I read the last few chapters while I was lying in bed and they actually read well. I was tickled. I even felt for a few moments like I was reading someone else's work because I haven't written in it for so long that it seemed unfamiliar, in a certain way. It wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact, it's pretty good. I think I just got stumped about where to go with the book so I had to stop. Everything seemed false. I'm still not sure where these characters are going to take me but I'm willing to let them tell me.

Joey came in while I was writing today and said, "Mom--you're writing again. That's good." I didn't realize she paid that much attention. She asked me if it was a long story. I told her it was and she said good, keep writing. I'm definitely going to remember her wise-beyond-her-years advice.

She is spending the night with a friend so Ed and I went out tonight. It wasn't a big date--we just went to Borders after dinner and hung out there reading books and listening to music. I bought Joey the newest A@ron Carter CD for one of her Kid's Day gifts. We also bought her a Be@nie Baby that looks like a little black and white terrier and the Harry Potter DVD (which doesn't come out until the day after Kid's Day) and a Survivor "buff." She saw them advertised during the Survivor program and has been saying with every episode that she wants one so we ordered it for her. Unfortunately it hasn't arrived so her gift will be the CD, the dog and two pictures of things to come. Not a lot of fun but it will have to do. We're going to take her to a movie, too.

Ooh, I bought a bluegrass compilation CD tonight, too. I really love bluegrass music and have been delighted to see it spring up everywhere thanks to my new favorite movie, "0 Brother Where Art Th0u?" I'm going to load it into my computer here so I can listen to it on this sound system. Ed bought stereo quality speakers and a woofer for this computer so it sounds really great. I've made MP3s of lots of my favorite songs and CDs for this computer so that I can keep the CDs in my car or in the family room where the stereo is.

Tomorrow, I plan to be a lot more productive than I was today. I shouldn't be too hard considering I did little more than make appointments and write.

I've got a headache.


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