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05-16-2002 @ 9:40 p.m.
A Little o' This and a Little o' That

I had a productive day in the dark room. I printed 3 final prints for my portfolio project bringing the grand total up to 6 of the 8 prints needed. I'm nearly there and I'm ahead of schedule. That is a big stress reliever. I'm so happy with the way the prints have been turning out. I think this will be a great project. I'll be hanging it in my hall-cum-gallery when it's done being graded.

I found a pair of symphony tickets that I thought I'd lost and gotten a replacement set for. Now I'm totally covered.

Joey had two hilariously funny verbal mistakes today that killed me. First, she was singing "I Am Woman" (which is really quite funny in and of itself) and got to the part where she sang "I am strong, I am invisible..." I started to laugh and she wanted to know what was so funny so I had to explain the real word and the meaning of invincible.

The other one was after school. She was telling me about a musical story she saw on video in music class today and she said, "This story took place a long, long time ago. Back when Indiana was called Peru." I thought for a second and then said, "You mean when Iran was called Persia?" Yep. That's a classic. We'll be telling that tale for years to come.

I tidied up and organize the office and guest/Joey's bath and living room pursuant to the white glove inspection/visit from big sister. She doesn't actually use a white glove but I feel like my house is being critically evaluated when she comes to visit. She pulls my weeds, fer gosh sake. Now if my little sister pulled weeds, it wouldn't bother me at all because I know she would be thinking, "hey, look, a weed. I think I'll pull it," instead of "Look at these weeds--I can't believe Lisa let it get this bad." She's just really critical about stuff like that so I made sure the weeds were pulled and the house is relatively tidy. I say relatively because I'm not going to put my entire life away so she can visit--my magazines are staying out thankyouverymuch. But at least you can walk in this office without stepping on anything and can actually use the desk without having to move a bunch of crap (80% of which was papers from Joey's backpack. I bet she is personally responsible for the slaughter of at least a dozen trees this school year.)

I bogued out of helping in the classroom today. I was feeling all snuffy and nose-runny and sneezy and allergic and just plain blah and was having a bad hair day and I just flat out didn't feel up to going anywhere this morning except the darkroom. I didn't even really want to go there but that's not really negotiable. Anyway, I feel bad now. I never do that but it's nearing the end of the year and the projects she has me work on are getting thinner and thinner so I doubt it was any great loss.

Tomorrow is baby day. I'm outta here at 6:30--yikes! This is going to be very exciting. And yes, I'm bringing my cameras. Gotta capture this on film.



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