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05-13-2002 @ 9:58 p.m.
Not So Manic Monday

I logged 1.35 miles on the treadmill today. Not as much as I usually do but my hamstrings are still sore from overstretching them Saturday doing yardwork. It hurts to take a regular-sized step so I've been taking smaller steps and walking funny. I look weird doing it.

It was a red-letter day here at Lobotomy Land. Or should I say orange letter day? I colored my hair back to the brilliant new penny color that I love so much but that I haven't used the last few times I've done my hair. I feel invigorated. Pumped up. Shiny. Blinding. It's wonderful.

Today I had a photo shoot with Marilyn, my 64 (even though she's only 61). It was great except that my camera started acting up. The mirror was sticking in the up position making it very difficult to take photos. I hate that! I'm taking it in tomorrow--hopefully it's only a battery problem and nothing else. I don't want to have a problem with it at this juncture--I have a project to finish! (Then again, this could be a reason to get a new camera...muahahahahaha.) Anyway, Marilyn asked me to do a photo shoot of her and her husband later in the year--say around October or November--to commemorate their anniversary. I'm pretty excited about that.

By the way, Cherri called back this morning all cheery and upbeat. We'd love to see Star Wars with you--can you still get tickets? Can't wait to see you this weekend. See--I knew it was nothing to sweat. She was tired, worn out from 2 very full days of golf and sunburned. She should try to remember not to make telephone calls when it's past her bed time and the backs of her knees are sunburned.

Not a lot going on today--it was a pretty quiet day besides my exciting photo shoot. Lots on the agenda tomorrow, though. I'll be in the dark room for about 6 hours tomorrow--pray for my knees.


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