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05-06-2002 @ 10:19 p.m.
Where I Rave About How Much Being an SAHM Rocks!

Ok, this is the part where I talk about why i am so glad to be a "stay-at-home" mom (even though I'm not actually home a lot of the time).

A few months ago, I asked Joey's teacher if I could plan and put on a Cinco de Mayo party for the class. There are about 5 kids in the class, including Joey, who are of Mexican or Latino descent and I thought it would be a fun holiday to celebrate. "Sure," she said. Do whatever you want.

So I set about planning the party. I bought all the supplies (I'm thinking I might want to get some classroom fund money, though, since that was about $50, all total), planned the events and got the information on the holiday, prepared everything and showed up today to put on the party. The other classroom coordinator mom showed up to help at the other station. It worked out beautifully. The class was divided into 3 groups. One group had a coloring page of a man and woman in tradition Mexican dress in a dancing kind of pose. The next group went to the pinata station where they got to put candy into dixie cups that were hot glued together and then decorate the whole shebang with fringified tissue paper. They totally loved that--I could hear them doing that and it was great fun. At my station, I walked the group through making guacamole--putting in the seasonings, the lime juice, a touch of sour cream and mashing it all up. They *loved* the mashing part. We used my pastry cutter which worked perfectly. After the guac was made, I helped them each make a quesadilla on my electric skillet. When the quesadillas were done, I put them on their plates, cut them with a pizza cutter and then gave them guacamole, sour cream and mild salsa as garnishes. They took them to their desks with some koolaid and had a nice little snack. They totally loved "cooking" and even the kids who thought they didn't like guacamole found that it was pretty good if they'd made it themselves.

I tell you, I totally rock as a room mom. :-) Many of the kids stayed in during the recess that followed to see if they could score seconds and to help clean up. They were great! It's nice to put on parties like this one that is out of the ordinary, educational (I gave them a history of Cinco de Mayo)and a lots of fun. The kids devoured their quesadillas, too. You'd never know they'd just come in from lunch only 45 minutes previously. Funny kids!

I slept this afternoon, though. I'm not sure why I was was so tired but I slept from 3:30 is to 6:15 with one interruption. What's up with that? I thought I was getting beyond that urge to sleep all the dang time and it's starting up again. Yesterday I was sleepy, too. And last week. I don't get it. I'm feeling better and that black cloud that was looming over me seems to have moved on to other parts but I still feel really really really tired. Like I have energy for one thing in a day and that's it. I was a touch stressed out for the party today wondering if it would go smoothly (it did) and I didn't get a full 8 hours of sleep--I got an interrupted 7 hours--but that shouldn't make me want to sleep for almost 3 hours this afternoon! That's ridiculous. ::sigh::

We went to a ground breaking ceremony for the new church building that we're getting in our town. We've been driving to the next town over for years and now we'll have our own building. Yay! I like the 4 minute drive much better than the 15-minute drive. Not that 15 minutes is any kind of hardship, really. It's just nice that we'll have it so close to home.

I stopped by this evening to talk to my neighbor and let her know about the adoption thing since I had to list them as references. I didn't want them to get a letter in the mail and wonder what was going on. She was so excited to hear it--I thought she was going to cry. It was so nice to chat with her--we talked about an hour. She's so busy with her new job that I feel like the only time I see her is when I bring dinner over or when she brings dinner over. I'm so glad we started that Good Neighbor Dinner Club because without it, I think I'd go weeks without seeing her!

Can I just say one more time how glad I am that I am not in full-time school anymore and that I can do fun things with Joey's class? It has meant so much to me and to Joey to be able to be in her classroom every week and to go to her field trips and to be involved this year in ways I haven't been involved in the past. It was so wonderful to have both the time and the wherewithal to put this party together and let Joey's class celebrate her heritage. It wasn't exclusively for her but I chose that holiday to celebrate because of her heritage. She doesn't realize that right now but I think she will some day.



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