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05-05-2002 @ midnightish
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It was a quiet day in Lobotomyland. I opted to stay home from church this morning. At 7:15 when it was time to get up and get ready for church, Joey and Grandma were still seriously sawing logs and given that Joey had underslept every night of her 4-day weekend, I decided that she needed to sleep. When Grandma woke up at 8:30, I told her that I'd decided to stay home and she was more than happy to go back to bed.

We watched a Frontier House marathon and got to see the first two episodes, which we had missed, and they were very funny to watch. The people were all excited to go and saying why they each thought they'd be good pioneers. Watching that after seeing the other episodes where we saw how bad some of them sucked at pioneering was just too funny. When Adrienne was crying over being photographed without makeup, I thought I was going to die of laughter. I kept thinking to myself, "If you didn't want to immerse yourself fully in 1883 then what the heck are you doing there?" The teenage girls snuck contraband into their cabin--makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, deoderant and some other toiletries. I just kept thinking they were a serious bunch of babies. I think the Frontier House selection committee looked for the biggest bunch of prima donnas that applied for the show and picked them. I mean, come on. They chose a very wealthy execute who hadn't mowed his own grass in 16 years and his prissy family that did nothing but shop and play video games to do this? They were hoping for failure, obviously.

Grandma thought it was interesting, too. She couldn't really understand what they were doing or why, though. We had a good time just hanging out together, though. She stayed all day until after dinner.

When dinner was over, I took Grandma home and then whipped up that wonderful curry chicken salad with lime and pineapple. Oh man, what a tasty treat! AB, you have to try that one right quick. The plan is to have it for lunches this week but I'm not sure it will last very long! I've already had two small bowls of it as snacks. I think it would be good with sliced red grapes added to it, too. I'm envisioning a merging of this salad with another salad I make with wild and white rice so I'm going to have to try it out sometime.

When the salad was done, I set to preparing things for Joey's class Cinco de Mayo celebration tomorrow. We're making mini pinatas so I had to snip a lot of tissue paper to glue on to those pinatas tomorrow. We're making them with dixie cups. You glue two cups mouths together (after putting some candy inside and the pipe cleaner handle through the top of one) and then glue the snipped tissue on in overlapping layers, sort of like shingles. We made them when I was a kid to decorate a Christmas tree and it was great fun. I'll let you know how it turns out. My wrists and forearms are killing me, though, from all the cutting I did. I'm going to need some big ibuprofen tonight.

This week is considerably less frantic than last, that's for sure. I just have the class party tomorrow, which is going to be over by 1pm, a birthday party dinner for my daddy at Amy's house on Tuesday and then my classes. Yay!

Speaking of my classes, I took 2 rolls of film of Grandma today. That leaves me with only two more subjects to go and I'll have all my photos done for the project. After that, I'll need to do test prints and then final prints. I'd like to start working on my final prints by Friday lab day. I am kind of wondering if, maybe, I should redo my 4-year-old subject. I'd have to use someone else but I have another model in mind who would work out well. I'm just not 100% happy with the contrast on the 4 year old. I guess I'm being too anal about it--I really need to just get the rest done and see how everything looks together first, I suppose. I kinda wish I could start cutting mats but I can't. I need to have final prints before I do that.

Well, it's almost 1am so I'd better skedaddle. Tomorrow morning I need to come up with some information and maybe a coloring page on Cinco de Mayo. I found some great web sites a month or so ago when I did my first search so I'll go back to those and print something up. See ya!


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