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05-04-2002 @ 11:11 p.m.
Happy Scrappin'

Today being National Scrapbook Day, I hied myself to the local Scrap-a-Thon and did 12 pages--complete with journaling, no less. I was feeling right proud of myself. I even won the award for most 2-page spreads done today since they were all two-page spreads. That's the most pages I've ever done in one sitting. I tend to really belabor my pages and they take forfreakingever so I streamlined my style a bit and now I'm knocking them out. Ok, so it still takes me about 20-30 mins a page, but I'm getting faster. Pretty soon I'll be down to only 10 mins. per page. If I'd crop my pictures when I do my power layouts, it would certainly speed things up a bit.

Ed and I went to see Spiderman with Russell and Delyn tonight. They even left the new baby at home with their eldest in charge of babysitting. He's been babysitting for about a year now but this is the first time they've left him with a baby so young (5 weeks old). Pretty good, I'd say. We didn't leave Joey until she was 6 weeks old and that was only because my sister came over and insisted that we go out on a date while she babysat. I didn't leave her with a kid babysitter until she was much older--about a year old, I'd say. And I always made sure to feed her before I went anywhere because I was afraid of her choking with the babysitter.

Anyway, back to Spiderman--pretty good flick. I found myself really into it and there are some very funny lines in the movie. I laughed quite a bit. Toby Maguire was almost animated as Peter Parker/Spiderman but I thought Willem Dafoe really stole the show. He was fabulous!


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