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04-29-2002 @ 9:38 p.m.
It Was Good While It Lasted

Turns out that the swell new set up Ed did for me yesterday wasn't so swell after all. It worked great last night and this morning and then suddenly it didn't. The network device drivers suddenly stopped working and it won't even boot up now if it's connected to the network. How bad does that suck? It's just about the only reason that computer exists. ::sigh::

It was a gorgeous day today. Oh man--mid 70s and sunny. I loved it. I even wore short sleeves while I did laundry today. Ed worked from home today so we got to kind of hang out. It was really nice. I wish he did that a lot more often. His company allows people to work from home up to 3 days a week. I was encouraging him to arrange for that but he's in a management position that requires a freaking lot of meetings so he has to be on site most of the time. He had to cancel today's meetings to work from home. Still, it was so nice to have him here at 5:30 instead of wondering when he was going to come home.

I made some mighteefine hamburgers for dinner tonight. Afterward, we went on a neighborhood walk in the almost balmy evening weather. We walked through some houses that are being built in the neighborhood adjoining ours and started making a list of what we want/need in a new home. I figure it will be only a year or two before we're out of this house. Then again, I could be wrong on that count, too. We'll see. Anyway, we starting listing what kinds of things we want/need and what kind of configuration we're looking for.

Tomorrow morning, I have my photo shoot with Christa as well as putting together her birthplan. I hope it goes well. I'm looking forward to the photo shoot--that will be great. I hope we get some good morning sun so I can get some dramatic side lighting. I'm not sure where I'm going to take the photos, though. I guess I'd better figure that out before 9am.

After our walk I had a lovely chat with my neighbor's husband. I guess he's my neighbor, too. They're renting the house next door but the owners want to sell and have given them first dibs on the place so if they can arrive at an agreeable price, it will happen. I am so glad--I absolutely adore my neighbors and lamented the thought of them having to move in a year or two. We've had sort of revolving neighbors there with new tenants moving out every year so I didn't want to have to worry and wonder who was going to move in next, especially when the ones we have are so wonderful.

I've got to figure out a way to get a file off my laptop so I can print it here so I'd better go.



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