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04-25-2002 @ 11:23 p.m.
Some of This, Some of That

On the late evening news tonight, there was a great human interest piece on doulas. It was really good--I'm glad to see the publicity on their services. I could see myself becoming a doula at some point. It would be a way to be involved with birth without being involved with insurance and liability and stuff like that.

Today was such a gorgeous day--brilliantly sunny, temps in the low 70s and now it is a gorgeous evening with an almost-full moon, clear skies, millions of stars and even a few planets. It's chilly outside but it smells so good. Like a forest. I love the sunny part of this time of year. Of course, it will be followed very soon by 3 days of rain. That's the part of spring I don't so much love.

Hey--John Corbett is going to be in a movie. I've missed him since Northern Exposure left the air and A&E stopped playing repeats of it. (Damn them. And while we're at it, let's curse them for showing The View twice a day, too. Bastards.)

I am so proud of Joey. She performed in her first Jr. Music Festival this morning and she earned a 4+ out of 5 for her score. She wasso excited and the adjudicator was very good--encouraging and kind and thoughtful in her critique. It was a very positive experience and she really enjoyed it even if it did make her hands sweaty, she said.

In class today I met with my teacher about my project. He's happy with the progress I'm making and gave me some good tips for how to print my final photos. I'm happy with the progress I'm making, too. I think this will be a good project.

Tomorrow is house tidying day. I need to put in my time in the classroom in the morning but then I'm scheduled to tidy up the place. I'm not so much looking forward to that part of the day. I'm going to try to sandwich a trip to Nordstrom between the school time and cleaning time. I need to return a pair of shorts I picked up for Joey on Monday. They're *way* too poofy on her and make her look like she's wearing an upside-down parachute. Too bad because they're very cute.

Joey was incredibly cute today--she wore a cotton/lycra 3/4-length orange V-neck shirt and an orange and yellow plaid skort (I hate that word but how else do you describe those shorts with the flap in front that looks like a skirt?), ankle socks, white athletic shoes and her hair curled under, parted on the side and pulled back in a ponytail. Usually she goes for comfort over fashion but today she was able to be comfortable and fashionable. And it was so nice to see nicely styled hair. She hates to do her hair. Hates it. She only wants to barely brush it in the morning and part it in the middle and stuff it behind her ears when it hangs in her face. Won't part it on the side (where it looks best, in my opinion), won't wear clips or other hair doodads and will barely let me wet it to get rid of the bed head and fuzzy-hair look. She always has a sort of ragamuffin look to her. I hate it. But today she looked great. She asked me to braid her hair in tiny braids so it would be kinky tomorrow so perhaps we'll get something stylish out of it two days running. I don't want to make hair a big issue--I think kids should have some autonomy there--but I'd sure like it if she acquired a desire to make her hair look nice in the morning.

I wonder how many different subjects I can address in this one entry. So far I've covered a new one with every paragraph.

Time for cereal. Chow!


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