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04-22-2002 @ 9:29 p.m.
Me? Lonely? How'd That Happen?

This morning when Ed left for work and Joey left for the bus, I found myself feeling profoundly lonely. I'm not given to loneliness. I spend a lot of time in solitary pursuits and find that I require a certain amount of personal time each day (which is why I usually go to bed after Ed--I need that hour or so at the end of the day to detox and just be alone) but the 72 hours Ed and I spent together were so fulfilling that I missed his presence when it was gone today. I was glad I'd made arrangements to spend the day with Stacey because I didn't feel much like being alone.

Speaking of spending the day with Stacey, we had a great time together. I picked her up around 9:30am and we headed downtown to the photo supply store. I love the photo supply store, as you can probably imagine. All that film and photo paper and cameras and chemicals and filters and doodads. MMmm...good stuff. I bought some film and paper, though they didn't have the paper I wanted. Well, they had it but it was glossy not matte and I hate glossy paper. I picked up some Portra film which I've heard is amazing so I'm interested in giving it a whirl. I also picked up some 3200 B&W film. Both Stacey and the clerk said they loved the film so I'm looking forward to giving it a try, too. The fastest film I've ever used is 800, I believe. I think this will be fun to experiment with. Ooh, I should have gotten some infrared film, too. Drat! I forgot. Oh well--you know what means.

After the photo supply store, we went shopping for summer wardrobes for our girls. I have found it's a lot easier to pick out some clothes and bring them home for her to try on and make decisions about than to bring her to the store where she'll want everything or things in odd colors that don't fit into the season's color scheme. I lucked out today--we went to Children's Place, Nordstrom and Target and I found 5 prs. of shorts/skorts, a pair of capris and 5 shirts that she really liked. One pair of shorts didn't make the cut but they'll be easy enough to return. Now she has a summer wardrobe that is cohesive in color (orange, hot pink and lime green with white, of course) and that is really a mix and match set up. Since these were the colors of last summer's wardrobe, too, the few clothes that she has leftover from last summer integrate perfectly so we're good to go. Both her swimsuits from last summer still fit her so we don't have to get a new suit, either. We do need some summer shoes, though. Some thongs and perhaps some orange or yellow or pink or white saltwater sandals ought to do the trick. Of course, she wants to wear it all now when it's still in the mid-50s. Bummer.

Ed worked late tonight so Joey and I picked up Grandma and went to T@co Bell for dinner. Joey said, "Let's celebrate Earth Day by going out to eat." I'm not sure how that figures but I was totally in the mood for tacos so I didn't hesitate. Grandma was glad for the surprise dinner date, too. She's going to take Joey next week on the day she's out of school and I have to go to class.

I see that my calendar is filling up. I've got a lot going in the next couple of weeks. My life seems to move like that--feast and famine. Three weeks from now, I have a completely empty week except for dinner with Dad for his birthday. Interesting how that happens, though.

Anyone catch last night's Eco-Ch@llenge? Holy cow--what a bitch. Ed and I have always been big fans of the race--watched every one except the ones that weren't televised. I don't know how they do it--that takes some serious mojo to keep pushing and pushing and pushing like that. Some teams don't seem prepared at all, though. Like the team with the bitchy captain or the Brazilian team. I'm really in awe of these people, though. Well, in awe of the smart ones, the buff ones, the really tough ones. I'm not in awe of the ill-prepared ones or the bitchy ones or the whiny ones. Nope, they should just stay home and run a marathon or something.

Of course, I make this judgment with my ample ass on the cushions of my couch so don't listen to me.


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