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04-18-2002 @ 8:06 p.m.
Getting Ready to Roll

My time spent in the darkroom today was tremendously satisfying. My photos from spring break turned out good--especially one of little sparkles of sunlight on the river with big mossy rocks in a diagonal line going from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner. I'm very happy with that shot. And one of my day-of-birth shots of Delyn's baby turned out really good, too. I was so glad about that--I was really hoping at least one would. The lighting was so bad in the hospital room, though, that it was hard to get a good shot so I had to bring the baby over to a lamp and adjust the shade to bring light to his face. It worked, though. That one and the one of Russell's hands with the baby's feet in them made Delyn cry today when she looked at them.

And now I'm trying to get laundry washed and folded and get Joey packed for the weekend and get me packed for the weekend and get my laundry done and all that stuff. I love going away for the weekend but it's hard to get everything done in time. I still need to make a few calls, too, before it gets too late.

The satellite dish receiver is on the fritz, too, so I don't get the joy of watching my favorite Thursday shows while I fold laundry. I love that combination--hands busy, brain busy--kills two birds with one stone.

One word of caution--don't eat dried plums (otherwise known as prunes) on a very empty stomach while you're waiting for dinner time. I'm just saying.

I'm outta here, now. See you back on Sunday.


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