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04-15-2002 @ 9:38 p.m.
The Womanhood Contract

I woke up with cramps. Ick. I hate that. It wasn't too bad to start with but it got worse as the morning wore on. I was supposed to go help out in Joey's class today with painting the auction chair but I just couldn't do it. I was wiped. Tired and crampy and pissy. So I called the teacher and then stayed in bed until 11:30. I got out of bed and ate 2 brownies to go with my 4 ibuprofen. It's in the Womanhood Contract that you sign at the Mother-Daughter Tea in 6th grade that you can eat 2 brownies for breakfast on the first day of your period if you have bad cramps. It is also in the contract that you can stay in your fleece nightgown and play computer games until 5pm, too.

I took a nice hot shower at 5pm and promised Joey that if she did a good piano practice while I was showering, I'd play Monopoly with her when I got out. It was nice. We had good time doing that.

When Ed got home, we went out for Chinese food and then he played a game of Monopoly with her. She loves to play board games and we seem to do them in waves. It's something I enjoy doing so I think we'll try to do them more. It's a good way to entertain Joey when she isn't able to have a play date.

I had wanted to go to Target today and get some summer clothes for Joey but I just couldn't do it. I also wanted to go to the bookstore and get my bookgroup book but I didn't do that either. Nor did I pick up my negatives. I'll have to do that tomorrow before class.

Joey is auditioning for the school talent show tomorrow after school. It seems like such a big deal to me--I remember doing that in 7th grade, not 2nd grade. I'm excited for her, though. Her song is all ready to go.

And now I'm insanely tired. I think progesterone must be some kind of sedative or something.

Until tomorrow,


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