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04-14-2002 @ 10:13 p.m.
Where to Go? What to Do?

One thing I *don't* like about the weekend is that everyone out there in Diaryland is too busy living their lives that they don't have time to update diaries. Makes for lean reading on Sunday night, I tell you. (How pathetic am I?)

Ed and I decided it wouldn't be prudent right now to buy a digital piano after all so we're going to keep renting the one we have until August when he has a bonus and stock sale going through. So that means we're not going to Vancouver, BC next weekend after all. We're thinking we'll probably still go north, though. Not sure what we'll do there or where we'll go but we want to get out of town, man. Perhaps we'll drive up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. That's in the recreation area of my childhood--my grandmother lived up there and we'd go visit her and later, after she moved, we go camp on some property she owned there and fish for big salmon in the Skagit River. I remember picking wild strawberries and huckleberries in paper cups and then eating them while sitting around the campfire. I also remember the scary outhouse. It didn't smell so bad since it was infrequently used but I was always afraid I'd fall in that hole. That's enough to put the fear of God in you.

It's sad that we can't find anything to do here in Portland. Actually, there's lots to do here--we've just done it all rather recently. I mean, we spent last anniversary in downtown Portland so there's nothing we're really dying to do there. I go to the coast all the time and it's not that fun to go to for a day trip in the spring. Ed's not a cold-beach person. And we've had several anniversary trips to the coast, as well. We go to Bend often to see my sister so that's no big deal. A lot of the natural wonders--the Gorge, Multnomah Falls, Cascade Locks, Mt. St. Helens--aren't a lot of fun this time of year. They're much more interesting in July, August or September. And we've been to them many times with out-of-town guests so we're not all that excited about going out there with just ourselves in the marginal spring weather.

We'll just have a nice visit with my dad then go on to Seattle and then the next day, drive up to the tulip festival, then spend Sunday downtown and get some goodies at the Pike Pl@ce M@rket (I love to watch the fish tossing there) and head back in the afternoon on Sunday. That will be nice, not too expensive, and we'll have time alone. I like that part best.

Time for bed...


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