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04-10-2002 @ 8:52 p.m.
Orange Is Life

This morning when I went back to sleep at 7:30, I got 4 phone calls between 7:30 and 8:10. What the hell is up with that? Sheesh!

At 10am, though, I got the best call. It was from Russell, whom I often refer to as my Girlfriend Russell. He isn't gay but he's the kind of guy who is very comfortable having women as friends. He's all guy, though, when it comes to typical guy stuff but he's also a good friend. He had noticed I wasn't my usual self (excepting the past week or so) and bugged me via email to let him know what was up and asking if there was anything he and Delyn could do to help out. I gave him the nickel tour of my God/Infertility issues and my depression and grieving over the finality of this procreation dream I've had all my life. I also told him about our adoption plans. Next day, his wife calls me to arrange for a game night this Saturday (after their baby shower) and then this morning he called and asked if I was free for lunch. He just wanted to make sure I wasn't sitting home alone, depressed, sad, feeling forlorn. It was so sweet. I already had plans and invited him to join but he didn't want to crash my lunch date. It was just so nice to feel that concern. Afterward, it brought a few tears to my eyes to know that my friends are so there for me and so concerned about my physical, mental and emotional well-being. It was wonderful. I am so privileged to have these fine, caring people in my life.

After lunch with Jaimie (we ate incredible old-fashioned hamburgers at Gi@nt Burger), I went to Office Depot and Costco on errands. I picked up 13 packages of photos--all the way from last August! Ed always tut-tuts when he sees how many photos I take of an event or outing but that's just my style. By taking so many shots, I'm sure to get some really great ones and some really bad ones and some mediocre ones. You'd think after 15 years, he'd understand this about me and just deal with it. It's not like I'm going to change on this issue. ::g::

I came home and hung out with Joey a bit and then found myself in big need of a nap since my morning "go-back-to-sleep" was interrupted so many times. I took myself a little nap on the couch which is, as you may remember, my very favorite place in the world to nap. This couch upon which I currently rest my buns is the most comfortable couch ever in the history of the world. Seriously. I'm not kidding. It's like sleeping on a cloud. It's a deep couch so you don't feel like you're going to fall off at any moment, too. Always a plus when napping.

Ooh, when I was was Costco, I picked up the Alicia Keyes CD. I haven't had a chance to listen to it but I'm very excited.

I made chicken and dumplings from a kit tonight and it was surprisingly delicious. Even Joey slurped it right up. I rarely use prepared kits like that but I was glad I had it today as I was still groggy and feeling uninspired, foodwise. This non-dairy thing for Joey is getting me down. It was much easier when she was 2 and didn't care what we ate. Now we all have to eat the same thing or she gets really bent out of shape. Like last night with the enchiladas that she couldn't have. I'm not sure if our family can handle 3 more weeks of this! It's not like we're big dairyheads but we do eat cheese several times a week.

On Ed tonight there was a woman who would only wear orange (except for a green scarf). That's my kinda lady. :-) She said orange was the most beautiful color in the world. Orange is the sun. Orange is life. I'm right there with her, baby. Orange is Life!


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