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04-08-2002 @ 9:50 p.m.
The Result of Five Hours Sleep

Well, as much as I love Daylight Savings Time, it was hard to go to bed last night. I usually go to sleep around midnight or 1am and that meant I wasn't tired until 1 or 2am so when I got up at 7am today, I was dog tired. I got Joey off to school and then took Grandma to the doctor. She wanted the doc to check out her swollen ankles and feet. Amy (the paramedic) told Grandma it was dependent edema (not in those words, of course) and said to put her feet up a bit and not eat so much soup and that she didn't need to see the doc. Grandma insisted on going, though, so we went and the doc said the same thing. I chastised Grandma (gently, of course) for not listening to Amy and suggested that she give more credence to what Amy says in the future. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, after that, I took Grandma to get some low sodium soups and some other grocery-type items as well as the stuff I need for the baby shower. I found some all-plastic baby dolls at Goodwill, some cheap ($4) diaper bags and a few other necessities for the Baby Olympics. I'm glad I got that taken care of. Whew!

After getting Grandma settled at home, I left to run more errands. Well, one errand. I took some more film in and picked up 4 rolls of negatives. But I was so sleepy when I got there (my 5 hours of crappy sleep catching up with me) that I sat there for a minute and said to myself, "I'll just sit here a minute and listen to the guy on talk radio." Next thing I knew, it was 30 minutes later and I was so hot in the car! I felt so lame for taking a nap there in the parking spot in front of the camera store but when I gotta sleep, I gotta sleep apparently.

I came home after that, refreshed and rejuvenated, and decided to clean out and rearrange my pantry and other cupboards where I keep my appliances and longer term food storage. I got rid of a bunch of stuff--the stuff that has been in the pantry for more than a year or that has been open for awhile and not consumed. I'm taking a bag to the local food bank and getting rid of some stuff like Joey's Easy Bake oven that has been gathering dust for awhile now. She wants to sell it at Amy's garage sale so I told her that would be ok.

I spent a few hours doing that and then I was wiped out again so I put my head down for just a little rest. I think I slept more than an hour, but couldn't tell you how much.

Ed and I made plans to drive to Vancouver, BC for our anniversary next weekend. It's where we spent our honeymoon so it's meaningful to us, but we're also going there to buy a digital piano. We've arranged for Joey to stay with Baylee. Now I just need to ask Amy if we can use her Suburban and we'll be all set! Perhaps we can swing by Ikea while we're up north. Nothing like a little trip through Ikea to get you jazzed up.

So, I have 4 rolls of film to print up tomorrow and Joey is going to a playdate after school so I can stay longer. Yee haw! I'm very happy about that. I need to go to Costco while I'm out tomorrow, too, and pick up my 14 rolls of film that I left for developing. Fourteen rolls! Criminy.

And why hasn't hardly anyone updated their diaries today? Sheesh--did everyone get wiped out by the loss of one hour yesterday?

Now is the time in Lobotomyland when I must drink large quantities of orange juice. I've got a craving. Fierce. See ya--


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