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04-06-2002 @ 9:49 p.m.
Sassy Cathy

I knew it would be a cranky day for Joey today and I wasn't disappointed. No more going to bed at almost 11pm for her, I tell you what. It wasn't that she was so terribly contrary just sassy as hell and I don't do sassiness very well. At one point during the day, she came into the family room and was poking around a little. I said "While you're in here, take your stuffed animals and that pink box into your room." Her reply? "Mom, I came in here just to get some candy and that is it. I didn't come in here to clean up. I'm playing on the computer right now." I suggested that she might want to lose the attitude and clean up or she would lose some privileges, starting with the computer and the TV. She didn't like that plan so she huffed and puffed while she picked up her 3 stuffed animals and her pink box and took them to her room. I wonder where in the world she got the idea that that kind of attitude or talk would go over in this house. I think she's on a TV diet, for sure. She only gets a half hour a day during the week but on weekends we usually let her watch more TV than that. But I'm thinking that she's been watching too many programs that are a smidge older for her. Perhaps a diet of Winnie the Pooh will help her sassiness, you think?

My cat is getting so skinny. I started giving her salmon in the hope that the richness will help her fatten back up. I should probably take her to the vet to get another steroid shot--it always makes her bulk up a bit. Other than her skinniness, she seems to be in very good health--she hasn't had much in the way of asthma trouble, which is very good. Still, she's so bony it's icky to pet her.

We went to a new sushi place today when we returned our H@rry P0tter audio book. They had good bowls of edamame but the sushi was awful. It didn't taste bad but the rice was a little dry from going around the conveyor boats without a lid. It was completely unsatisfying so we ate just a small amount and then drove to a sushi place that we really like at had more. I just had to get that bad sushi out of my mouth and replace it with the good stuff. We have some leftovers, too. Just a few California rolls, but they'll be good later. MMmmm.

I'm watching a program called Restaur@nts from H3ll on TLC. Eww! Rodents and roaches--very icky stuff. Places that look totally fine from the dining area but are gross behind the scenes--mouse scat in the warming ovens, mouse and rat nibbles in dry foods. Ick.



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