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03-24-2002 @ 10:50 p.m.
Sublime Sunday

What a delightful day. My double quartet sang in church today and my "solo" (me and the other alto singer) did well in our part so I was very happy. Then, after church, we went to a local senior living center to provide services for a couple of elderly women who live there. It was a short service with just the passing of the sacrament, a short talk and then our double quartet and a short visit with the women. They were so sweet and begged us to come and sing again. It was lovely. I am going to talk to the leader of our group about working up some more songs for these services. I think it would be very good for me.

Then we had lovely, very wonderful Sunday afternoon naps. There is nothing so wonderful as a relaxing Sunday afternoon nap. Thus declareth Lobotomybabe.

And last, the Academy Awards. I love the Academy Awards. It's hype. It's crazy. And yet I love it. I hate the ubiquitous "who are you wearing" questions and the whole red carpet hype but the awards--I love 'em. I've always loved awards shows, even when I didn't know who the actors were or was old enough to have seen most of the movies. This one was particularly good with honorary awards for Robert Redford and Sidney Poitier, two of my very favorite actors of their generation, and then the awards for Halle Berry and Denzel Washington. A historic Oscar night, indeed. I was actually crying myself, watching Halle sob and gasp on the stage. It was such an amazing and touching moment. It is so amazing to me that it took until 2002 for an African American actress to win an Academy Award.

Tomorrow starts spring break. I love spring break. Joey has a play date at 12:30 and I have laundry to do to get ready for our trip. We're leaving Tuesday evening and we'll be gone until Easter Sunday night.

See you tomorrow!


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