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03-21-2002 @ midnightish
Shopping and Preparing for the PSR

When I said I wanted to be lighter, I meant I wanted to lose pounds, not dollars. And not British sterling pounds--actual fat pounds. Instead, I'm sitting here tonight $800 lighter thanks to the Nissan dealership service center. I had the 60K-mile service ($400--what a scam!) and my rear brakes fixed. This is an expensive car--I don't know if I want to own another performance car. The tires are expensive (and in need of replacement at $135 each x4), it has platinum spark plugs (I didn't even know there were platinum spark plugs) and the scheduled maintenances are more expensive than they are for our Camry. I'm just not sure that being able to zip into traffic is worth it. The car isn't even orange, for Pete's sake. Criminy!

Amy got an A in her (our?) math class so to thank me, she gave me a bunch of crab that her husband caught and cooked and cleaned today. They're a little on the small side but there are a lot of them. I'm nt sure what to do with them yet. Usually I just make a delicious dipping sauce and eat it cold but I was thinking I might want to whip up something different but I'm not sure what. I could toss it in some pasta but that usually involves a lot of cream and I'd rather not. Then again, I could make a steak oscar but then I'd have to make bearnaise sauce. Hmmmmm...perhaps I'll just eat it cold like always. Ooh--or I could make crab enchiladas. Yum. Or maybe crab and shrimp chimichangas (baked--I don't have a deep fryer nor do I want to eat anything deep fried). Then again, tomorrow night is the annual making of the Ultimate Carrot Cake. I may need to save my strength for that. I guess I'll just see what kind of mood I'm in after I crack all the crab.

Since I had to spend $800 for the car, I'm all bummed out because I wanted to buy something to wear for Easter. I haven't gotten an Easter dress for a long time. :-( I think I'll see what's out there and if there's anything worth getting. I got a catalog today that has orange jeans in it in my size. I am so calling their customer service number tomorrow. Orange jeans! Are you kidding? If only they had a matching pair in lime green. I could die a fulfilled and happy woman.

I picked up all the goodies for the Pagan Springtime Ritual. These are going to be some killer goodie bags, I tell you what! Gr00vy Girls dolls (purchased for $3.88 at a clearance website), fingernail polish, opaque markers, candy, chocolate, white chocolate bunnies, erasers and a few more things that I can't think of but that I know Joey loves. And for Joey's other "official" Easter basket--the one delivered by the Easter Bunny, even though we'll be on vacation--I found an orange (excellent!) Gryffindor T-shirt to go with the stuffed bunny I got her at the mall and some new dry erase markers and pajamas. We like to have a fun time with Easter baskets. I'm mostly looking forward to the carrot cake. It's amazing. Legendary, even. I didn't develop the recipe but I slimmed it down some. It has the consistency of a pudding rather than a standard carrot cake. Mmmm...I'm salivating just thinking about it. I make it only once a year and it is so worth the wait.

I bought a big, giant roll of Kraft-paper style wrapping paper at P@ckaging Specialties (what a terribly fun store). I have been using it to wrap most of my gifts for the past 6 mos. or so and I really like it. It makes a nice, simple canvas for my wild bows and tie-ons. I like wrapping gifts so much that I wish I had more money so I could give more gifts (and then wrap more gifts). I've even taught gift-wrapping classes. It's such a fun, creative thing to do and it makes the recipient of the gift feel so special. I wish I could decorate my house with boxes that I've wrapped.

I was quoted today. Not on the usual Diaryland quoted site but on Bev's diary (Funny the World--the link is just over there, to the left). It was so fun to see my name there at the bottom of her diary with my words above it. I also ended up with a lot more hits than usual and most were from Bev's diary. I thought it was pretty fun. Made me wish I'd cleaned the dust bunnies out from under the table, though. I mean, I wasn't expecting company.

I have another full day ahead, returning the rental car and picking up my own hot, performance car (and now I'm going to race it all over town), shopping for a springy dress, grocery shopping, ordering my orange jeans, taking Joey to get some white shoes and tidying up the house in preparation for the PSR. I wrote up all the clues tonight for the treasure hunt. It was really very difficult to write those schlocky little "poems" for the clues. I'm terrible at coming up with rhyming. Gives me a new appreciation for those purveyors of dreck because as bad as it is, I probably couldn't have written it.

Later, taters.

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