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03-12-2002 @ 9:54 p.m.
Friends' Woes

Well, after hearing from Justin and HerWorship, I'm all worried about Joey's palate expander. I did some research on those things and have decided that I will have to find an orthodontist who will give her a removable palate expander. I know her well enough to know that she'd absolutely freak out if she had one of those Medieval torture devices cemented to her teeth.

Had lunch today with Stacey and Diana. I've invited Diana to various things but she often had to do something else so I was surprised and delighted when she accepted my offer of lunch at a sushi place today. She said she really enjoyed it and we three had a lovely conversation. It was my night to make dinner for our families, too, and I made chinese noodles with roasted chicken, hard boiled eggs, green onions and sesame oil. tasty. Amazing what you can do with ramen noodles!

Amy came over for more Algebra tutoring/help with her test. I was delighted that I remember enough about polynomials, factoring and all that stuff to help her without having to consult the book. Yay! Even without Ed's help. I'm feeling so smart. :-)

I finally found someone to cover for me on Saturday at the church activity I was supposed to go to. Man, I can be such a bonehead sometimes, double-booking myself. Ack!

Called Dayna today, too. She's been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and finally got pregnant. It was great news but she was slightly crampy, off and on, and bleeding and suspected that she was going to miscarry. She went in for an ultrasound last Wednesday and they couldn't find a baby, just a sac, so they scheduled a D&C for Monday. Her bloodwork wasn't looking right, though. The hCG was still increasing, not going down like it should, so the doctor called her back on Friday and said that she needed to come back in for another ultrasound just to be certain that there was no baby and no molar pregnancy. Turns out she had an ectopic pregnancy and the fetus was big enough to have a heartbeat. They sent her straight over to the hospital to have surgery because she was 7 weeks along. Her surgeon said that he had only seen one other ectopic pregnancy with a heartbeat in his 20 years of surgery. He was surprised that she wasn't writhing in pain. She's sad that she lost the baby but realizing how things could have turned out if the doc hadn't have called her back and sent her to another ultrasound has made her very grateful.

And then I got a phone call from Delyn that she has to visit the neurologist tomorrow. She's going to have a baby on Monday but last Sunday, her vision went black except for a tiny spot. That lasted for a little while and then she had a terrible headache. This happened twice in 2 days and even sent her to the hospital Sunday night. They ruled out hypertension/pre-eclampsia/toxemia and think it is likely migraines but the neurologist said he needed to look in her eyes before she went through the stress of labor and delivery and cleared his afternoon schedule to do it. That's sufficiently scary. I was worried that it might be a TIA but she's a little young for that. Anyway, I'm watching her toddler while she goes to the doctor. I hope it all goes well.

Makes me feel very thankful to be healthy and well.


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