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03-11-2002 @ 9:46 p.m.
Getting Off Easy

Took Joey to her orthodontist consultation this afternoon. Ever since the dentist suggested that we see the orthodontist, she has been so excited about possibly getting braces. So many of her friends have glasses and she's just dying to get something going on. It's funny, really. I let her know it would hurt but she doesn't care. Truth be told, I was pretty excited to get my braces, too.

Looks like we're going to get off pretty easy, orthodontics-wise. She needs a palatal spreader to spread out her palate because her top teeth aren't as wide as her bottom jaw. For 2 weeks, we'll turn the key to space it out twice a day and then after that, we'll wait about 6 weeks for the bone to start getting solid and then she'll get brackets on her four front teeth. He said that the course of treatment will likely be only 6 mos. and will only cost about $1400 (half of which will be paid by insurance). I'd say we're quite lucky. He said that she is the perfect age for this because if she were older, she'd need surgery for it. I'm so glad that the dentist sent us in now and that I didn't wait too long to take care of it. I'd feel so bad if I would have waited until the sutures were set.

Joey likes the orthodontist's office because he has TVs in front of all the chairs and you can bring your own DVD to watch or watch what they have. And he has an X-box stand-up video game that you can play if you have to wait. She thinks it's just great.

I put my favorite colander on a warm burner and melted it when I was fixing dinner. I thought that I'd be able to just peel it off when it cooled some but it cooled to be hard as a rock so I'm just going to get a new burner. Hope they have them at Home Depot!

My pictures on wood turned out ok. Not fabulous, like I was hoping, but good enough. I don't care at this point. I fixed the boo-boos and will just require people to view them from a distance of a few feet like a Seurat painting. They look better that way, anyway, even if there aren't any crunchies. I'm happy enough. I don't care about the grade--it is completely immaterial at this point--I only care about learning something about the craft and art of photography. And this was a great learning experience. I learned that I'm not a manipulated photograph artist. Nope. I'm a formalist/realist. I just want to take beautiful, evocative, intimate portraits of people. Now I know this for sure!

I watched Fear Factor tonight. Holy Cow--that was a bad one! The Madagascar hissing cockroaches on the face, eating the worm, unlocking the cage underwater, blech.

Once and Again is on tonight. I like that show but I never watched it when it was on Fridays because we were doing stuff. Mondays are good evenings for TV because there's nothing else on.

Ooh, I sound like such a TV head! There are a few shows I like to watch--mostly 10pm dramas. Most of my TV watching occurs when I'm online. I've never been able to just sit and watch TV--I have to be reading a book or magazine or scrapbooking or folding laundry or surfing the net or writing in my diary or cooking or something. With one exception: The West Wing. That is one show that pretty much slaps you if you don't pay attention. And Ed won't explain things if I'm not paying attention enough to keep up. I've misused that avenue of keeping on top of things so now I just have to pay attention myownself.

So now I have to let the cat out.


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