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03-10-2002 @ 10:49 p.m.
Good Friend

Talked with Joey's piano teacher, my very good friend Delyn. She's so wonderful. I would just cry if I couldn't have her be Joey's piano teacher. Anyway, she is not going to be having private piano students anymore, starting next fall. They will all be group classes and many will be farmed out to hand-picked teachers that she has trained in the new curriculum that she wrote. However, she is keeping 2 private students. And, (you saw this coming, right?) Joey is one of them. Yay! I'm so very very happy about that. I hope someday Joey will understand what a big deal this is for her.

Delyn is going to have a baby on the 18th and she'll be taking 2 weeks off lessons to recuperate before restarting lessons. She asked me today if I would mind watching her two littlest ones for the hour during Joey's piano lesson. She said she would reduce Joey's piano fee by the amount per hour that she pays her other sitter but truth be told--I'd do it for free, actually. I mean--a newborn? And a very cute and very engaging almost-2-year-old? For one hour only? You betcha! I'm all over that.

I have been watching these two great programs on the Food Network. The first was Biblical Feasts and now I'm watching Ancient Recipes: Bible Times. Really interesting stuff. It certainly has provided a lot of insight into the practices and rules of Kashrus (and I'm sure Ellen will correct me if I've spelled that wrong). If you happen to see this program on the schedule, tune it. I'm a foodie and a history buff. Put the two together and I'm all over it.

Joey had a playdate here with Shannon today. This child drives me crazy. She caused Joey so much frustration and heartache the last 2 school years with her manipulations and head games but somehow she always ended up as the favored friend. What the hell is that all about? Why is the one who plays the most games always the most desirable? Why does Joey like her so much? Arrrgh! Shannon's father is the one who instigated the Acid Incident. I was so angry with him for so long but I got a good dig in today. Shannon's parents offered to let Joey come over tomorrow because both the girls are out of school and I have class from 11-2pm. (I didn't feel like I could say no to their offer.) Anyway, he said "Will she be comfortable with me?" to which I replied "Oh, she was in therapy for a year so she's worked it all out." He blushed and we all laughed but I think he understood that there was some truth in that jest.

I need to do some research on Cinco de Mayo celebrations now. Joey's teacher has given me permission to plan a CdM party for the class and I need to find out what is involved in the celebration. And some history, too.

Later, Taters.


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