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03-08-2002 @ 12:02 a.m.
Stupid Side-Swiper

So, around 10am, my neighbor calls me up and says "What happened to your car?" I dunno. What does it look like? "Well, it looks like a big scrape on the driver's side. Shit!

I run outside and sure enough, there is a big scrape that starts on the driver's side door and goes all the way back to the end of the car. The owner of the preschool next door to the place where we went to song practice (did you get that?) barrelled out of her driveway and side-swiped us on her way. She didn't dent the car but scraped off the paint in her hurry. She didn't leave a note or anything.

This afternoon, I went back to the scene of the crime and parked in my exact same spot. I was just sitting there when the teacher came out to talk to the last parent leaving and looked over at me and then at my big scrape. She went back inside. I got out, took pictures of my car, the proximity of our two cars (showing lots of space to get out), her license plate, the matching scrape on her car and then got back inside my car to wait for Joey's piano lesson to get over.

While I was in my car, she looked out the window at me and when I looked over there, she closed the blinds. A little bit later, she came out the door and looked over at me then shut the door quick when I looked over at her. When I went to get Joey from her lesson, I was standing on the porch next to the school and while I was there, the teacher came out of the side door and cautiously peered out to see if I was still in my car before she hopped in her car and beat it outta there. She is so guilty! I was waiting for her to take the opportunity to come clean but nope. She freaking hid from me! Pisses me off. I want her to pay for the repair to my car but there's little chance of that if she's not willing to fess up.

I'm thinking I ought to just go sit in my car by her school every afternoon until she freaks out and comes clean. Think that will work?

Ed isn't too bothered by it, though. I guess because he's the one who parked where he did, he feels like it's partly his fault though she had plenty of room, but the friends say that she barrels in and out of that driveway all the time and I'll bet she flat out didn't see us until it was too late. Bitch. If it had been me doing the parking, I can guarantee he'd be making a bigger deal of this.

I think I'll file a police report tomorrow anyway. And include my photos. I just can't stand the thought of her getting away with this. Especially since her car's damage was less than mine. Significantly less. Bitch.

I made a 1950s dinner for bookgroup tonight since the book we read was set in the fictional town of Listre, North Carolina in 1952, population 511. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, brocolli (I know, it should have been green beans, cooked within an inch of their lives) and chocolate cake with white frosting. The discussion was good, too. We didn't finish until almost 11pm! No one had a watch and there was no clock in the room so we just kept talking and talking and talking.

Looks like the beach retreat for next weekend is still on. We have 5 people committed and paid so I can send in the paperwork tomorrow. I hope we can get another person or two to go--it's more fun with more people--but 5 is my minimum so we're ok.

I had a good talk with Joey's teacher today about one of the boys who is pestering Joey. She's such a good teacher. She's very responsive when I've had to tell her about this boy. This is the third time he has done something (it's always something different) that is a problem (he's the five-weiner boy, if you remember that entry) and the teacher handles it promptly. I'm so glad.

Oh, and I found out that my wonderful neighbors might be able to buy the house they live in. They've been renting it and the property managers said that the owners are sick and tired of having to take care of the house and suggested that they make an offer on the house. They seem to think he'd accept an offer as low as $165K. What a deal! And then they'd be our neighbors forever! Well, theoretically. I mean, we're going to move again some day. I so want that to happen. Have I mentioned recently that I have the best neighbors EVER? Well I do!

BTW, I thought today's entry was my 300th entry but it turns out this is #301. I must have looked at my stats yesterday before I added my day's entry. Either that our the counter doesn't count properly. Wow--300 entries. I'm coming up on a year here real dark quick. I can't believe it. This year went pretty fast. I'm delighted that I have maintained this on an almost daily basis for a whole year. Woohoo!


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