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03-05-2002 @ 9:02 p.m.
Assembly Line Cooking

I set up a lasagne assembly line in my kitchen today. I made one pan our our family, one for the neighbors (as it was my night to cook) and one for my chemo friend tomorrow. It was quite harried here for a while, trying to get all that stuff together. There was cheese and herbs and sauce everywhere. It all turned out good, though. I made a tasty Bolognese meat sauce for it because Ed requested meaty lasagne and I have a lot left over. I think I'll freeze it to use on pasta next week.

My neighbors were totally delighted to have a hot pan of lasagne, garlic bread and Caesar salad brought to their table tonight. I think this is going to be a fun project. It will be a good excuse to try new recipes, too. After Spring break, when I have class on Tuesdays, I may want to switch to Mondays but for now, looks like Tuesday is my cooking day. And with any luck, I won't have to cook for 5 days after that. That works perfect for me--I love cooking as an event, not as daily maintenance.

Ok, the weird people with the new baby strike again. When last we saw them, they were settling in with their new baby and the changing station at the front door. I learned 2 interesting things today--first, that changing station had been on the dining/kitchen table but the dad's mother came to visit and moved it to the current position, thinking it wasn't in their best interest to have diaper changing happening where they eat dinner, given their propensity for cleanliness. Or rather, complete lack thereof. Second, we received their birth announcement today. It was more like a Christmas letter, which is fine, but with an advertisement for his new mortgage business tacked on at the end. Included in the envelope was a flyer for his business--the same one that magically appeared on my doorhandle a few days ago. Now am I crazy or is this not a tacky thing to do? It just seems really strange to include an advertisement in your baby announcements. These are strange people, folks.

Ed cut me some wood for my second photo project. I certainly hope it turns out. If not, I'll just put it on watercolor paper and call it done.

Remember--kick me hard if I make mention of doing another project like this one again.


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