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03-04-2002 @ 9:35 p.m.
A Happy Child

Why the hell did I decide to try doing something different than my strength for this final project in my photography class? Someone needs to smack me upside the head if I try to do something like this in the future. I'm a portrait photographer. I don't do landscapes and I don't do artsy-fartsy stuff. This collage thing sounded like a cool idea but I'm skeptical about how it will turn out. ::sigh:: Besides being less than my best work, it has been a hell of a lot of work. I'd much rather spend the time up front, in the studio or at photo shoots with real people, rather than in the dark dark darkroom. I guess I needed this to remind me that what I love best is what I'm best at, too. How convenient, that.

Joey was in a great mood all day. And had a big case of the sillies, too. But the whole day, she was just so darn agreeable--got out the door this morning with no problems and on time, came home and didn't argue about doing homework and even did extra pages and read extra minutes, went willingly to deliver Girl Scout cookies, ate all her dinner without trouble, practiced her piano without a tear or argument, went to bed with a smile on her face and even begged to spend a few more minutes writing her story that she started. What's up with that?

Not that I'm complaining. Lately, it seems she's had a hair-trigger tear reflex, crying about something nearly every day. ::sigh:: I'm quite happy to see a day like today. Would that everyday could go so smoothly.

Looks like our beach retreat for the weekend of the 15-17 is going to be postponed. There is only 3 people committed to go and I'm loath to put my name on a contract without a commitment from more people. I don't want to spend $100 just for accommodations. I want to have some money for food and shopping at the outlet mall, naturally. And maybe a touch of antiquing. We're now looking at the first weekend in April or the first weekend in May. (Mary & Tricia, you interested if we go in May?)

As predicted yesterday, I didn't cook tonight. I'm saving myself for the 4 other dinners (double, at that) that I have to cook this week. We ate at a place in town that just opened called Santa Fe, a blatant copy of Baja Fresh (and not nearly as good, though Joey loved it.) At least I didn't have to cook.

I still can't get over what a pleasant difference today was with Joey being in a good mood and being happy today. I guess I hadn't realized how touchy she's been lately until a good mood hit us. Could this be pre-pre-pre PMS?


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