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02-28-2002 @ 8:42 p.m.
Many Many Voices

Wow--how did it get to be the last day of February? This month just screamed by! I'm glad that my two busy weeks are over. I got tired of having something going every single day. This weekend is totally open except for a morning Brownie thing that Joey is going to on Saturday. How lovely!

The field trip went fine. The bakery didn't smell as good as you'd think a bakery would, though. Actually smelled kinda sour most of the time--like over-risen dough. It was interesting though. When we left, they gave us the cutest little mini-loaves of bread in miniature bags. They looked just like the big loaves! I would have liked to have seen the place where they mix the ingredients together to make the dough--that stuff is fun. My group was pretty good except for one very nice, very cute, but very very active little boy. He wasn't bad, he just needed to be reminded to calm down from time to time. He's a good kid, though. On the bus, he told me all about where his favorite fishing hole is, what the best bait is (live goldfish, apparently), when he's going on a week-long fishing trip this summer, etc. He's cute.

After the trip, we went to a park for lunch. It was sunny but only about 45 degrees outside today so I was freezing my ass off! I couldn't wait to get home and warm up. All the cold air made my tendonitis worse in my left forearm so I was quite anxious to get to my heating pad. When I got home, my ears were ringing from all the constant clamour for 5 hours. I could *so* never be an elementary school teacher. I like kids individually and in small groups but wouldn't want to be in charge of a large group of them. Nope. Not me.

So I get home and I'm just wiped out. And cold. And I have to leave in an hour. So set my clock for 2pm and put my arm in a heating pad and fell immediately into a deep, deep sleep. It was delicious but oh-too-short. I had to force myself out of bed and away from my warm and cozy heating pad to go back to the school for a Brownie meeting in the school's computer lab. It was just about the last thing I wanted to do but I did it anyway. ::sigh:: All I really wanted to do was sleep and stay warm.

Joey was being a little crabby tonight around 7:00. Not so much crabby as just argumentative. Finally I just sent her to her room at 7:15. At 7:30, I went in there to talk to her about whether or not she would be able to watch Survivor and she was fast asleep. I guess she's been undersleeping a bit the last 2 nights. Perhaps this will help tomorrow morning be a bit smoother than today. Today she had to learn the meaning of "it's time to go now." It doesn't mean "it's time to fiddle with your pants, fix your hair, change jackets, take off your belt and put it back on again and whine a little about how you're trying to hurry." It means, "we're walking out the door right now, shoes or no shoes." I believe now she knows I mean it.

And on that life lesson, I bid you a cheery buon notte.


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