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02-25-2002 @ 11:31 p.m.
Endless Web Searching

I printed contact sheets of the photos I took a week or so ago of the barn and barbed wire and mossy fence posts and rows or hazelnut trees and I was happy with the results. I was hoping that there would be at least a couple of shots that would work for my final project for class because I didn't want to take more pictures and yay! there are several that will work, I think. I need to do some test prints to see how they blow up but they were shot with Ilford Delta 100 film which is very fine grained so I feel confident that they will blow up fine. I think Friday is going to be my marathon day of printing. I have to do it all in one shot so I'm gearing up for Friday.

Our house had the aura of trailer trash today while the old washer and dryer sat in our driveway awaiting removal. By 5pm, they hadn't come to remove them but it was a good thing because my neighbor called and asked if our old washer still worked and what we were going to do with it. I said it did still work fine but that it was 12 years old and we weren't sure how much life it had in it and wanted to replace it before it became an urgent need. She said that her washer had just died and wondered if they could buy, borrow, have or whatever our old washer. Sure, I said. Take it. They just took our old washer and put their old washer in its place so tomorrow when the removal guys come, they'll take the neighbor's washer and our dryer and all will be well. How serendipitous that we happened to have a serviceable washer just sitting in our driveway waiting to be taken away at the exact time that our neighbors needed another washer.

As a thank you, my neighbor brought over dinner--Thai tuna wraps. They were tasty--tuna, cabbage, diced red peppers, green onions, lime juice, soy sauce and some other creamy type of sauce all rolled up in savory herb tortilla wraps. Yum! I was just sitting here on the couch thinking that I didn't want to fix dinner and didn't know what to make so when she called and offered to bring dinner over, I was delighted. How lovely! I have the nicest neighbors ever. I wish they owned that house so they would never have to move.

I have a question. Does anyone know why those big oak trees like the ones that line avenues in southern plantations are called live oaks? Isn't the live part implied? I mean, we don't call them live maples or live pines. Why the live oaks?

This is another one of those busy weeks--we have something going on every night this week. Makes me look forward to next week when I only have one obligation.

I spent the day searching for beach houses. My homies and I are planning a beach retreat March 15-17 (Mary and Tricia, consider yourselves invited!) so I'm trying to get that house squared away (I think I found one and it has a hot tub!) and then our friends from Sacramento are planning to meet us almost halfway at a beach house for half of spring break so we're trying to find something. I found a few great houses--I just hope one of them will be available. If not, then we'll just drive down to their house to visit them there. That will be fun, too. My eyes are spinning around, though, after looking at so many websites.



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