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02-23-2002 @ 12:03 a.m.
Some Enchanted Evening

We had a lovely evening tonight with John and Cherri. We ate at my favorite restaurant--H!ggins--and I had a wonderful dish of pappadelle with a veal ragout over the top. It was spicy and tasty and delicious. I loved it. Ooh, and for dessert, they had what they called their old fashioned chocolate pudding. I never had any pudding like that before--it was more like really creamy ganache or something. Oh man, was it good! I so love going out to a nice restaurant for dinner, especially if we're going out with good friends (or family) who are fun to talk to. We've always had good dinners out with John and Cherri because we have such wonderful conversations--there is never a lull. We're all love to talk and we all keep up on current events and political things and read lots of stuff and watch interesting programs so there are lots of stories and topics to share and discuss. I love it.

The symphony was lovely, too. The first piece was Beethoven's Eroica symphony, which I love. The second piece was Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto and the piano soloist was wonderfully expressive. The last piece was Scheherezade. It was masterfully performed and very exciting to watch and listen to.

All in all, a lovely, lovely evening.

Oh, and we got our new washer and dryer. Yeehaw! They are so lovely in their gleaming whiteness. We got a front-loading washer and I'm ever so excited to use it. Less soap, less water, less wear on your clothes, more water extraction for less dryer use--what's not to like?

It's midnight now, though, so I need to toodle off to bed so I can wake up for church tomorrow. I've been such a slacker since they changed the time to 8:15! I hate it. I think I end up going about half the time now instead of every week. That's so not like me. I feel like they're looking at me as some kind of special case. "How can we get the 'Babe to come to church more often?" Um, go back to the 2pm time period????



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