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02-21-2002 @ 10:15 p.m.
Those Strange Folks

Ah, Thursday. The blessedly boring day where my only obligation is to volunteer in Joey's classroom. I love that. Today, though, my big excitement was to bring dinner to Marie, the one whose baby shower I lamented about last month. A mutual friend was arranging dinners for her this week and asked me if I could help out. Sure, said I. So I cheated and baked some stuffing that I had in the freezer (half for them, half for us), then bought 2 rotisserie chickens (one for them, one for us), 2 prepared Caesar salads, a package of yummy dinner rolls from the bakery that I divided in half and some Boston Market jarred chicken gravy (very tasty, I might add--better than my own chicken gravy I confess). It was an easy dinner and I got my own dinner at the same time. I confessed my culinary laziness when I brought their dinner over but they were just delighted to have dinner brought in so they didn't care. It was quite tasty, though, even if I didn't cook it. I mean, I had the same thing for our dinner.

They are such an odd couple, though. And by that I don't mean like Felix and Oscar. I mean that combined, they are odd. Out of the ordinary. Strange. They are both in their early 30s but they live like college students with the particle board shelves and hand-me-down furniture. Now, it is true that they are not rolling in money, but I've known other people in their same financial situation who took more effort to shed the college apartment look. You know, slipcovers for old furniture, painted shelving, etc. They just don't care. I guess I shouldn't care either since it's their home but it just cracks me up that they seem so unaware of their surroundings. For example, they have pressed a buffet/sideboard into service as a changing table by putting a changing pad (the kind that keeps the baby from rolling off) on top. Now I have no problem with making do with what you have (heck--I used my old school desk as Joey's changing table and it worked great) but they have this piece of furniture cum changing table right at the front door. It's the only piece of furniture in their living room (aside from their piano) and it is the first thing you see when you open the front door. Diapers, desitin, diaper pail, etc. I guess it's none of my business but you wouldn't catch me putting a changing table at the front door. I'm just funny like that.

I wonder about that baby. The mom is totally not a kid person at all. She'll sit next to a crying baby (her neice) while the mom is busy doing something and not offer to help or try to help the baby or offer it a pacifier or anything. I've only ever seen her hold a baby twice in the 4 years I've known her. It will be interesting to see how things work out for them. The dad is a real cuddly type all into the baby and all so hopefully that will be enough to balance out mom. I don't think she'll neglect the child but I don't see her being the kind who wants to just sit and snuggle that baby all the time, either. I could be wrong, though. Lots of people don't want to have anything to do with anyone else's baby but are all over their own kid.

I shouldn't be so critical. It's none of my business. They are just very very different from me. But that's their own prerogative.

Tonight was Joey's first school concert. She did a little dance called the Gallopede with 7 other children. It was very cute. She wouldn't wear a dress (which I find odd, since she is accustomed to wearing a dress every Sunday) so I let her wear nice black pants with a black cotton sweater trimmed with fuschia-colored maribou at the wrists and neck. She looked totally fabulous. Very tall, very willowy, very statuesque in a 8-year-old sort of way.

She has taken notice of her little tiny bre@st d3v3lopm3nt. Up til now, she was oblivious to it but she has noticed that some shirts are more form-fitting and they are slightly noticeable. I can't tell whether she's glad about that or not. She seems not to be bothered by it though she is developing a modesty streak not wanting to change her clothes in front of daddy anymore. I guess that's about right, though in my family growing up we were practically nudists. I wasn't concerned about stuff like that until I was about 12 or 13 and even then, as long as my underwear were on, it didn't bother me for a few more years. But it's certainly her right to choose privacy. When she was getting her jammies on tonight, Ed walked by and she shouted "Daddy, you have to go. This is a girls-only zone." What a funny kid!

The broken teacup guy emailed me and apologized for the broken cup. He said he'd look and see if he had another teacup he could send as a replacement. If he does, I'll be sure to give him positive feedback. If not, it will be more on the neutral/negative side.

I'm watching ladies' figure skating and noticing that many of them are showing actual skin these days instead of that flesh-colored fabric that looks like skin but really isn't. Some still use that but most are baring the real skin. I wonder why the change? I've also noticed that many of the women skaters use a very long buildup to their jumps rather than the usual 3 counts that men and very strong women use before jumping. I find it makes me tense, waiting for the jump. I keep thinking they're going to go too far and hit the wall. Isn't that silly? I felt very bad for the French skater. She really had some tough breaks this time.

The Russians and Koreans are a bit miffed, aren't they? If you watched last night to see the men's short track race, it was pretty obvious from the overhead camera that the Korean skater had cut off Ohno at the end there, though Ohno did do a good job of selling the affront. I think it's ridiculous to say that the Americans and Canadians are receiving preferential treatment, though.

Guess that's enough of my rambling. Later, taters.


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