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02-20-2002 @ 8:49 p.m.
A Turning Point

Another cool looking date: 02-20-2002. I like that.

I'm pretty happy today. I went to photography class--got there about 8 minutes late--for the large group critique. The class was still milling around and the teacher was just chatting so I put my stuff down and went into the back to try to get my liquid emulsion melting so I could do some tests with it today after class. While I was back there, the teacher came back and said "Come on, we're going to start the critique." I said, "I'll be right there--I just want to get this set up." He said, "I want to start with your prints so can you come now?" I sort of laughed, like he was just kidding and he said "No, I mean it. I want to start off looking at your prints first." He was very specific--he didn't ask who wanted to go first or choose someone else when he saw that I was gone--he actually came looking for me and insisted that I come out and go first. I was a little flattered.

I put my prints up and sat back while people looked at them and then talked about them. There was a lot of praise--in fact, there were no negative comments at all. I was grinning very broadly on the inside but trying to act cool on the outside. When my allotted time was up, I collected my prints and the teacher said to me "I want to talk to you later about getting a copy of that one print."


He wants to buy a copy of my print to start his student gallery. He's going to buy selected prints from his classes to frame and hang around the classroom as samples of good student art. Man--that just made my whole entire day. I couldn't believe he was saying that. He's a very particular critic and isn't free with a compliment, so when he told me he thought that photo was magnificent, I just about exploded. I've been riding that high all the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I also tested my liquid emulsion on some of the various media that I want to use for my next project and was delighted with the results. Especially how well it worked on wood. I'm thinking that I have to do something really great with wood all by itself, aside from my collage piece. I just need the right photo for that treatment. I was thinking that my hazelnut orchard rows might be a good picture for that treatment, but my cello picture might be a good one, too. Something really texture-y. I'll hae to look at my negs and see if any scream out for that treatment. I'm very excited to get started, though.

I got my teacup in the mail today from an Ebay auction I won. It's very pretty. It's also very broken. Right in half. Damn! Limoges porcelain, even. The idiot I bought it from didn't pack it very well--he put it in a rather small box with terrible packing--should have been bubble wrap in a bigger box. Should I mention something like that in feedback? I wonder. I didn't pay for insurance because the last time I had something break in the mail, it was way freaking more hassle to make the claim than to just go buy the replacement pieces. It went back and forth for 6 months before I finally said forget it (or words to that effect) and bought my own plates. This teacup was only $5 so it really wasn't worth insuring. And it's not like they could go get me a new one or anything. I sent an email to the seller letting him know it arrived broken and suggesting that he try different packing methods as this one wasn't very good. Now I'm hoping I don't win the bid on the other teacup I bid on. If I do, I'm going to make specific requests for packaging. Think bubblewrap. Fat bubble wrap with a good-sized box.

I sorted laundry tonight. Hey--how about that? I'm trying not to be the slug-about that I've been lately. So I'm doing Joey's laundry--it's in the washer right now. Well, half of it.

Today, Joey was sad and upset when she came home from Brownies because the leader had pointed out that Joey had no brothers or sisters. This is a subject that is very sensitive for her--she'd give her right arm for a sibling and it makes her feel weird when people point out her only-child status. She cried and we cuddled and it absolutely broke my heart. I told her that my inability to get pregnant was the saddest thing in my life and that there was no one who was more sad about it than me. My eyes started to tear up and I think seeing that it affected me so much helped her out of her funk. I really feel like she needs a sibling. I am starting to feel very strongly that we need to have another child, somehow, some way. I wish her earnest prayers for a sibling were strong enough to melt God's heart and make it happen for us. ::sigh::

Joey was also lamenting how busy we've been lately and will be for the next several days. She just wants some time to play and it hasn't been there. I wish I could figure out a way to get more hours into our day but there's a bunch of laws of physics to surmount and that's a pretty big obstacle.

I took something about 45 minutes ago to help me fall asleep because I've been off-schedule for several nights now, going to bed at 2am or 3am and that's just not working out so well for me. Hopefully, I'll be tired by 10:30 or 11pm and go to sleep. I'll let you know tomorrow!


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