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02-19-2002 @ 9:14 p.m.
The Boring Life I Lead

Well, like Maxiegirl, I am in the Girl Scout cookie delivery business. What a pain in the patoot! This is going to take forfreakingever! At least I can keep the cookies in the trunk so I don't have to haul them in and out all the time. This delivery thing is one of the biggest reasons I never do those sales parties like Pampered Chef or Tupperware or anything else like that. I hate hate hate to deliver stuff to people. I wish I could do like the UPS man and just leave them at the doorstep but I need to collect money, too. ::sigh::

Joey and I met with her teacher after school today to set some goals about how to better use her time wisely and to get some ideas on how she can listen better and finish her work in a timely manner. I think the ideas we came up with will work well if she can remember to use them. I also told the teacher about the five-weiner boy.

I lead such a boring life these days. Since I took a little nap yesterday after our tete-a-tete, I was WIDE awake until 3am or so. Even then, I had a hard time falling asleep. So naturally, I didn't get up wildly early. I did a little stuff around the house and then Joey and I went back to the school when she got home. Then it was off to do the cookie delivery thang. When we got home, I whipped up some tasty meatloaf. I had to improvise since I didn't have all the usual ingredients but it turned out good anyway. Then I drew a thank-you note that the Brownie leader is planning to photocopy for us to give out with our cookies. (Frankly, I'd rather not, but you can't say no to Dulcinea. ::sigh::) We ate dinner, hung out and then started watching Olympics and 24. Drat that Gilmore Girls isn't on. It's just one of those slug nights. I could be doing laundry. Lately, I've been doing subsistence laundry--just the bare minimum to get by. I'm just not in the mood to do much of anything.

What did I used to do in the evenings back when I wasn't a slug? I can't even remember. Laundry, for sure, but there had to be something else. I used to study a lot, I remember that. But I don't have anything to study. I used to read sometimes, but that's usually a thing I do when I'm alone, not sitting here with Ed. Sometimes I would cook--like bread or something like that. Crap--what did I do?


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