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02-08-2002 @ midnight
Where I Whine About My Headache

Had the Little Girls over today to make cookie suckers in celebration of Valentine's Day and watched a video about Lincoln in recognition of President's Day. It was fun but the girls were too loud and I had (still have) a headache. There are a couple of girls whose voices are loud, higher-pitched and annoying and they couldn't seem to find an acceptable decibel level for inside the house. One of them, another Baylee, I had to ask several times (specifically) to keep it down. I was much relieved when her mother came to pick her up. Another one was fond of the word 'totally' and said it several times per sentence. I found that amusing.

The cookies were excellent, though. Mmmmmm. I love a good, soft Tollhouse cookie. Delicious. The girls all helped with the various ingredients. I'm afraid I ate one or two too many. Or three. But Mmmm, it was worth it.

We took Joey to Target to get Valentine's cards tonight for her classmates. Yesterday I was there and there were hundreds of boxes of them but today there were only about half as many. At least Joey found some she liked. I was worried that maybe we'd missed the boat.

I spent the afternoon before Cookie Making Time in the darkroom putting liquid photographic emulsion on watercolor paper and other media. I need to put some sealer on my wood veneer before I put the emulsion on it. I also need to find some other paper to work with. I have an idea to layer some different media with the same picture and I need more things to add to the mix. I have to hunt. And find some copper sheets. This will be really kewl if I can find enough other media to use.

Tomorrow I'm taking some non-people pictures, something I do very rarely. But the subjects will work well with the media I'm wanting to use. This collage-sort-of-picture won't work so well with a picture of a person. I need an old building, like the old barn I drove past today. I'll take them while Joey is at the neighbor girl's birthday party at the YMCA. (I know for sure that the party is this Saturday.)

I'm getting tired of these headaches. I slept last night without my nightguard for bruxism so my jaw was very tired when I woke up and that gave me a low-grade headache, then I smelled those nasty chemicals in the dark room which exacerbated my little headache and now I feel like I have big sinus-mask pain. I hate that. I took 4 Advil. I hope they work soon. Sinus headaches seem to be intensified by moving my eyeballs and turning my head so I try to move slowly and not look around very much. Maybe I have a brain tumor. I think I should just go to bed.



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