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02-07-2002 @ 11:38 p.m.
Ladies' Night In

Still loving the DSL. I was on my way home from running errands today (and spending way too much money at the photo store) and actually giggled when I remembered that I'd be able to get online when I got home. Internet access. *During the DAY*. ::sigh:: Very good. Very good, indeed.

Ok--I was up and out of the house by 9:30 today. This is Good. Not Great but Good. I got up for 20 minutes to get breakfast for Joey and see her out the door to the bus and then hopped back in bed because I didn't go to bed last night in as timely a manner as I had planned. But I'm feeling good about waking at 9:15 and leaving at 9:30. I didn't get a shower (wore a ball cap today--my very favorite hairstyle ever) but it's winter and I don't get sweaty and stinky and need to shower every day (nor is it desireable since it seriously dries out my skin and makes me itch like a dog with fleas). I love the Off Day. Today was an Off Day.

I tidied up the house in preparation for hosting bookgroup. I love it when everything is all tidy and put away and the floor if vacuumed. I lit every candle in the house, too, and kept the other lights slightly dimmed. I love that atmosphere for bookgroup. Feels more cozy and homey.

We had a great discussion. There were lots of issues to discuss about the book and we went off on more than a few tangents. We always seem to spend more time talking about tangential subjects than the book. But that's ok. The point of the group is to read interesting books, eat good food, have a monthly get-together and, oh yeah, talk about the book. It's almost become a joke to take the discussion back to the book after we've gone down a rathole somewhere.

Tonight, though, there was some discussion of Vi@gr@. One of the women said she couldn't believe that such a drug had even been invented. The other women chimed in with their agreement. I said that I thought it was a good idea and that there were plenty of younger men who needed it for some reason or another. I said that if, for some reason, Ed was unable to have sex, I'd be marching him down to the doctor for a prescription right away. Another woman said that if that happened to her husband, she'd fall down on her knees and thank God. The other women concurred! I couldn't believe it. These are not very old women--27 to 39. Sexual prime, baby. I can't understand why they're not wanting to be having sex. What's wrong with these women? Alls I can figure is their not getting the good sex I'm getting because I'm nowhere near wanting to give it up yet. (I wasn't planning ever to give it up entirely, to tell you the truth.) I think these women need some of that female Vi@gr@ that is being developed. Sheesh!

I need to get myself into bed now. Tomorrow is lab day where I get to print a lot of stuff on kewl paper. I'm psyched.

Ooh, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is next week--Monday and Tuesday on A&E. Gotta catch that. Not because I like dogs or dog shows but because these people are absolute freaks. Freaks, I tell you. Ever seen Best in Show? So hilarious.



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