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02-05-2002 @ 9:40 p.m.
Sushi Ooshi Ooshi

I got dumped out of Diaryland last night promptly at 10pm PST and couldn't get back in to post an entry. There wasn't all that much to write about, however. I went to class. I printed pictures. I came home. Joey was whiny because she hadn't had enough sleep. I had killer cramps so I curled up in bed and watched something lame on TV while Joey played with the neighbor kids.

I met Jamie for lunch today for sushi. It was so good! I love love love sushi. (Hi, AB!) Then I went to Target and picked up a few CDs (got the new Shakira--great CD!--for me, Pink for Joey).

I made roasted vegetables for dinner. I loved it but there was all manner of complaining from the peanut gallery. You'd think I'd have offered them gruel for dinner, the trogolydites. I found it quite delicious and satisfying.

In checking my stats, I see that about 10 times a day, I get hit from someone looking for information on lobotomies--how to do them, what they are, pictures, etc. But for some strange reason, I get about 3 or 4 hits every day for information on Jacqui Malouf. Now I know she's cute and all (and I quite liked her on Hot Off the Grill with Bobby Flay) but what's with all the hits? I have to wonder if it's her doing the searching. I don't get too many other interesting hits since I changed some old entries about Joey's possible preekoshus pyoobertee (just to keep the pedophile hits at bay).

When I was at Target, I bought Joey a new pair of athletic shoes. I was certain she needed size 1 but turns out she needs size 1.5 so now I have to take them back. ::sigh:: I can't wait until they get the Target built in our town. (It will be about a year and a half away, however.)

Plankton's entry today inspired a craving for oranges so I'm going to go have myself a big fat one.



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