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01-31-2002 @ 9:31 p.m.
Clothes Horse

Still no DSL. I can't stand it. I feel so cut off. I'm so lonely during the day. I had to actually go outside my house today for company today. What a big hassle.

Stacey and I went mall ratting, trolling for Groovy Grrls stuff for Joey and Baylee for Valentine's Day. Don't want to wait until the last minute now, do we? I found the most delicious headband, too, with *diamonds* on it in the shape of daisies at Nordstrom. Ok, so they're kid diamonds, but Joey will love it. She'll eat it up. When she's not wearing her army camouflage bandanna. She looked quite divine in her sparkly, army fatique camouflage flares today, I must say. The girl has fashion sense. Fashion. Sense.

I have a canker sore brewing on the side of my tongue. I can tell it's going to be a big one. And a painful one. I don't think I want to do this. Then again, it's a good way to lose 5 lbs. from not eating for several days. But it hurts. Really hurts. I'm such a wuss.

Ed requires his laptop now for doing real work. Rats.


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