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01-22-2002 @ 8:43 p.m.
Photos, Antiques and Gilmore Girls

Ah, Gilmore Girls. I love that show. Did you hear that? I freaking LOVE that show. It needs to win lots of awards so it will get the recognition it deserves. I wish Lauren Graham had won that Golden Globe award. Oh well. I'll start my Emmy campaign soon.

I was much more lively today, though I'd draw the line at perky. I dressed nicely and styled my hair (pretty good since when I feel like this, I usually opt for the ball cap, jeans and sweatshirt.

FWIW, I've been all about homonyms tonight. I typed one for won and genes for jeans in the first two paragraphs. What does that mean? Is that some kind of sign of early senile dementia? Good Lord, I hope not.

After dressing and styling my hair, I drove to Marilyn's house for the cello reshoot. I think it went well. I got a chance to photograph her daughter Jillian with her little tiny one-quarter size violin. Ooh, and I used my new (old) wide angle lens. That was fun! I can't wait to use it some more! I'm even more excited about those pictures than the other ones. I can hardly wait to develop them. The waiting to process pictures really kills me when it comes to film photography. I'm such an immediate gratification person which is pushing me toward digital against my better artistic sense. I'll never be able to completely abandon film photography because you can't do alternative processing like using liquid emulsion on copper or glass or watercolor paper or handmade paper. But for straight portraiture, I sure hate waiting on processing!

So. After the shoot, I chatted with Marilyn for awhile and then we met Stacey for lunch at Baja Fresh. Mmmm. I love their shrimp tacos and their black salsa. It's kind of smoky and garlicky. I'm sure I've reeked of garlic all day but it was so worth it.

And I finally made it to the antique store. I saw several things that I liked and wanted to buy but I think they were terribly overpriced. Who are they fooling? I'm looking for some weathered boxes--fruit boxes or old soda boxes or other kinds of boxes and I saw several but they were asking between $20 and $40 for these boxes. I've seen them at farms and garage sales and places like that for $5. I'll have to check out the estate and garage sales the local farms around here. I did find a wonderful orange enamaled coffee pot that I believe I will have to go back for. I'm also looking for some 50s chiffon aprons. You know, the fancy ones that fashionable housewives wore over their pretty dresses for dinner parties and whatnot. I must have a few of those. I've got just the place for them. I also found a beaten up red two-step ladder that I may have to go back for, too. It would be perfect on one of my plant ledges with a silk plant on top of it.

I found a wonderful primitive wooden trunk that I'd love to buy for my living room for a coffee table but I can't really afford to drop $200 on a trunk right now. Drat.

What I found too much of was tea cups, plates, glassware and little trinkety things. I need to go to an antique store that has more primitive stuff and less glassware. I'm not sure where that store might be but I think I'm willing to search through the many antique stores in the area to find out. (I love a good antiquing day.) I may have to make a day of going to Aurora, too, since there are many, many antique stores there of all types and varieties. I'm jonesing for an antiquing day and I don't have one available to me until Friday but I need to go to the lab that day. (I wouldn't have to do that if I were digital, I keep telling myself.)

I still found myself dragging butt by late afternoon and had to take a nap but this time it was just an hour instead of 3. That's an improvement, right?

School tomorrow. That always gets me going. But I have to go to a baby shower for someone I can barely stand (she has a dearth of social skills but seems completely oblivious to this fact) but who is the sister-in-law of a dear friend so I feel obligated to go. I hate those kinds of obligations. I know it will be one of those tight-lipped smile and nod kind of affairs. Wish me luck.


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