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01-21-2002 @ 10:02 p.m.
Slogging, Slogging, Slogging (and Shopping)

So, MLK day. Excellent. I got to sleep until 10am (Joey is so darn self-sufficient these days--I love it!) and then take a nap while Joey played Nintendo with the neighbor girl. Isn't that the very best way to spend a rainy, grey Northwest Monday in January? I'd say YES!

I picked up my camera with newly applied light-seal dampers and then went across the street to Pier One. They're having a big-ass sale, you know. Not that I bought anything that was on sale. No. I had to choose all things that were NOT on sale. I'm very bad. Very bad. I shouldn't be spending $70 on candles, seed-covered balls, dried oranges and limes, decorative twigs and a tortoise-shell-looking terra cotta plate. No, I most definitely should NOT. So what did I do? Buy it. And then hurry home and put it around the living room and decide it looked really too terrific to return and besides, the tags are off. Yes, that is the very naughty thing I did. To make up for it, I had dinner ready and almost on the table when Ed got home, like a good little homemaker. Ha!

Someone stop me. Now. I'm in danger of decorating our house within an inch of its life. I mean, I now have a vase with tall twigs in it and polished river rocks on my piano. And a basket with the aforementioned decorative balls and dried citrus fruits on my living room coffee table. And a little candle tableau on the dining (bistro, really) table. It's like a grown-up has gone and moved in here.

I'm wildly tired, though. Not so much tired but having that serious lack-of-energy thing that hits me from time to time. That thing where I can sleep even when I'm not tired. That thing where if I don't have somewhere to go, I don't do anything at all. That thing. I don't like that thing at all. It's so draining. I just want to be my old perky self. The one who bounds out of bed and wants to go do things. The one who doesn't keep the same list of things To Do for weeks on end because I can't seem to do more than one thing on it a week. I have a small package that I've been supposed to mail for 4 weeks now. It's not urgent but I need to mail it. Have I? No, I've just dragged it around with me forever because if you do that long enough, the package will just take flight and get there without your intervention.

Here's the part that concerns me. You know how I'm just crazy about photography, right? I'm not even excited about taking more pictures or developing more pictures. I don't even care. I'm uninspired. And the few mundane ideas I do have seem like too much work to arrange. ::sigh:: I gotta shake out of this. Got any amphetamines? I'm sure that would wake me right up (and into rehab).

Maybe another good roll in the hay will wake me up. Hey, that sounds like a good idea, anyway. ;-)


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