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01-20-2002 @ 11:18 p.m.
Sunday Roundup

It was a pleasure to wake up on my 440 count Egyptian cotton sheets this morning in nothing but my birthday suit. I don't usually sleep that way when Joey is home but since she was at a friend's house last night, I took the opportunity to indulge. I tell you what, there is nothing like rolling around in those soft, soft, silky sheets in bare skin. These are the best sheets ever!

Russell invited us over to eat dinner and watch the Golden Globes tonight so I offered to bring dessert. I had a hankering for pumpkin pie so I made a deep dish pumpkin pie this afternoon. It turned out great. Their little girl who is 19 mos. has just learned to say my name and it is so cute. I love it when a little one learns names and starts using them.

Their little girl has viral hives. She had a high fever for about 3 or 4 days and then broke out in itchy welts. They pop up and then go away and new ones appear in a different place. Their doctor said that she would have them for about 10 days. That got me to wondering if that was what was causing my hives/welts. I've still got some--every day, I wake up and the old ones are gone and new ones have appeared elsewhere. And, I had a headache for 3 days before the welts appeared. I never checked to see if I had a fever and if I did, it was a low-grade one. Anyway, that would be one explanation for these mysterious and changing hive-type things I've got on my stomach, legs, back and breasts.

Tomorrow is a day off. I doubt it will be very leisurely, though. I have visitors coming at 10am then I need to go get my camera from the Fixers. And as long as I'm going out there to my camera, I might as well go next door to Pier One. And then I might as well go to the antique store nearby and look around like I've had a hankering to do. Lessee, what else should I do? I'm sure Joey's going to want a play date so I'm sure I'll be able to find a neighbor to indulge. And Joey needs to practice the piano twice, the little rat. She skipped out today and Friday so that means double practice Monday. We need to do something that will help us remember to practice on Saturday and Sunday since it's not a school day and our routines are not solid.

Blah. My stomach is full and bloated still from dinner. I hate it when that happens. Too much roughage, perhaps? (Lots of bell peppers tonight, raw.)I'm a real ladylike belch machine tonight. Y'all are wishing you could be watching TV in Lobotomy Land tonight, I know it.


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