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01-19-2002 @ 11:02 p.m.
S-L-O-W Day

Today was the slowest Diaryland day ever. I think only about 5 of my buddy list people updated today and I only had about a third of the hits I usually get. I wonder what's so special about today?

Joey spent the night with her friend so Ed and I were childless. We went out with Marcus and Stacey to listen to a singer/songwriter at Borders for awhile and then went on to play pool at a billiards place. It was fun but by the time we left at 10pm, it was packed and getting smoky. We're terrible pool players but I had 3 or 4 really great shots that would have made my pool champion father proud. I wish there was a non-smoky place to play, though. I feel like I need to take another shower now my hair stinks so bad.

It was a completely nonproductive day. I did nothing. Nothing at all. Except for grocery shopping. But I sure looked cute--I did my hair in this cute style with a little barette and flipped the ends up just barely. Ed was checking me out. I felt cute and flirty all day. I'm planning to capitalize on that in a few minutes. It will start with a shower...


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