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01-12-2002 @ 10:52 p.m.
All Days Should Be Like This

Hoo-boy! What a day. It started when Joey and her spending-the-night-friend Rachel decided to wake up at 5:30. I decided that they were old enough to be awake in the morning without me being the very mature-for-their-ages and well-behaved girls they are so I went back to sleep. Then I woke up with a start at 8:50. Rachel's mother was going to pick her up at 9am and I didn't know what state the girls were in. Turns out Ed had made sure that Rachel and Joey were both dressed, Rachel was packed and ready to go and had made pancakes for them. Whatta guy.

I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes--10 minutes of which was with the treadmill at 10% incline. That was hard! That makes 3 times this week of walking on the treadmill and 1 day of doing situps and leg lifts. I'm very happy about that. I even saw that I'm down 6 lbs. But I can't get too excited about that because I can fluctuate 4 or 5 lbs. in a day or two due to water retention or release. It's amazing.

After my shower and lunch, I took Joey to sell girl scout cookies. We sold 45 boxes in about 90 minutes just going to houses where we knew people. I won't let her just go door-to-door and ask strangers, even when I'm with her. Just creeps me out. So I drove her to houses where friends and acquaintances live. And then we hit some friends up tonight at dinner. This is the first and only selling thing I've let Joey do and it's only because they are Girl Scout cookies which are delicious and which everyone loves. Anyway, I was pretty happy that we were able to sell that many. There are still about 15 or 20 people on our list yet to visit or call so I think she'll reach her goal of selling 100 boxes.

After peddling cookies, I came home to make my chocolate creme brulee. It is a pretty easy recipe as creme brulees go. One part requires you to shave dark chocolate into shavings to put onto the top of the custard. I made my custard, poured it into the ramekins and then sprinkled the shaved chocolate on top. That left me with lots of melted chocolate on my fingers. I found Ed and asked him if he wanted to share my chocolate. He most certainly *did* want to share my chocolate which led to a rather delicious encounter which led to an even more delicous encounter where Ed and I had to get Joey set up watching a video and told her we were "taking a nap." Oh my was *that* fun. We've never done that before--having sex while Joey was awake and home in the house. I think we've been seriously missing out--we absolutely *have* to do that again. And soon! Then again, she's 8 and that nap story isn't going to hold up much longer, especially if she decides to try to wake me up and finds the door locked.

After our quickie romp, we went to our International Dinner Group. It was a 5-course French meal and it was delicious. We had escargots, French onion soup with cheese and a big crouton, salmon and mushrooms en papillote with potatoes au gratin, salade Nicoise, a selection of wonderful French cheeses and bread, and then my delicious chocolate and vanilla creme brulee. God heavens--we were stuffed when it was over! Next time, it is at Chez Lobotomy and we're having tapas. I'm very excited about that, especially since no one has had tapas or even knows what it is. I'm going to have to do some educating at that dinner.

When dinner was over, we played Cranium--boys against girls. The boys won and they were rather obnoxious about it, too. We have to remember not to play boys-against-girls games because those guys are terrible!

Now we're home and I'm feeling wildly satisfied for the day--I exercised, did my girl scout duty, cooked, had quickie wicked sex, ate delicious food, played games and to top it all off, my house is still clean. Ah--what a day. ;-)


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