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01-09-2002 @ 10:19 p.m.
Personal Responsibility

Ah, school today. Lovely school. It's wonderful. I'm delighted to be back in school. I'm delighted to be thinking about pictures. Taking pictures. Manipulating pictures. I love it.

I wrote more, too. Tweaked stuff. Wrote some backstory. Scene setting. I may do some expanding of what I've written but I've got the basics down that I wanted to work with. I'm trying to set a mood and I think I've accomplished that. This story is tumbling out faster than I can write it, though. That's scary. On the last novel I started, I was all the time digging, digging, digging. There were some scenes that were really great and easy to write, but too many were difficult and painful. I realized today, though, that those scenes that I like and felt good about can be moved from my former WIP to my current WIP. In fact, one of the pivotal scenes from the first novel was actually the germ for this new WIP and I could easily lift it out of there and put it where it really belongs. I like that. It makes me happy and makes me feel better about abandoning the first novel and helps me see that this first novel wasn't a waste of my time. (Of course, it wasn't a waste of my time, even if I didn't use any parts of it again. I know that.)

I reconnected with my next door neighbor today. We haven't talked in about 2 weeks or so because of the holidays and our big house projects last week. It was really starting to feel weird because we were accustomed to talking at least every other day if not every single day. But for the past week or so, we were just passing at different times and I didn't really have time for socializing so I didn't go over and be social. But we talked a few times today and it was like no time had passed. She's such a nice person. I've missed her. But because we had both been home for 10 days and hadn't talked to each other, it started to feel strange. But all is well. And I'm sure you're damn glad to know that.

I have a serious hankering to cook but when it gets to dinner preparation time, I'm so tired that I just want to eat cereal for dinner. What the hell is that all about? Tonight, I went grocery shopping between 5 and 6 pm and at one point, I had such an overwhelming wave of tiredness wash over me that I just wanted to lay down in the aisle and go to sleep. It was really really pathetic. Ok, so I only got 6 hours of sleep last night but after my big-ass nap yesterday, I didn't think that getting only 6 hours would be so bad. Apparently it was.

I don't generally write about TV programs (except to express my sheer delight on Tuesdays when there is a new episode of Gilmore Girls) but I have to say, I loved the message of accepting personal responsibility in tonight's West Wing. Go Hollywood. This is a very good thing. He said something to the effect that "we go around thinking everyone makes mistakes so no one is to blame but I was wrong and I deserve to be censured." Amen baby. That's a message we could stand to hear every week.

I found a wonderful diary today. Check it out. And leave a message in her guestbook. She likes that. :-)

Tomorrow, my photo shoot with Bill and his dad. I'm very excited. Think photographic thoughts for me. :-)


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