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01-03-2002 @ 11:42 p.m.
Rejoining the Human Race

Energy returned today. It was great. I went to lunch with Jaimie, picked up a slipcover for my chair-and-a-half, bought the paint for stamping daisies on Joey's walls, visited with a friend, came home and started moving things out of Joey's room in preparation for painting tomorrow, fixed dinner for my family and then went off to bookgroup. It was nice being part of the human race again.

We discussed Michael Chreighton's (or however the hell you spell that) TIMELINE. I didn't finish it. I found the first 50 pages boring as hell and at this point in my life, I don't have time to give a book more than fifty pages if it isn't grabbing me. And this so didn't. We chose a Clyde Edgerton book for March. I love Edgerton--he's so freakin' funny! Especially if you love poking fun and small town Southern life. I bet Angelbutt would laugh her little cherub ass off. She probably knows half the people in his books. :-)

I had a lovely visit with Kristin today. She and I talked for over an hour about our individual adoptions--she and her husband have adopted four children--and it was really great to talk about our experiences. We used the same agency and it was interesting to compare how the policies changed over the years since our daughters' adoptions. Sometimes you meet a person and you connect with them right away and that's how I felt when I met Kristin. I knew I needed to get to know her better. We've gotten to know each other a bit over the last 6 months or so but haven't really had a good heart-to-heart chat but today we did. I really enjoyed it. Our daughters played together very well, too. They're almost the same age and took to each other like long-lost buddies. After spending the day together, they wanted to have a sleep over. I just think that's so cute.

So anyway, I was glad to have spent time with Kristin and gotten to know her better and to have gotten out of my funk. I think I just really really need to have something to do when I get out of bed--and not just some nebulous housework stuff. I need to get out of the house early in the day otherwise I'm all about staying in my pajamas, taking a nap or two, not showering until late afternoon (or at all), and being just a big freaking slug.

That's one benefit of having to take Joey to school in the morning. I have to get dressed and walk out of the house. (Ok, I'll confess to having driven Joey to school in my pajamas a time or two, but it's too cold to do that on a regular basis and I feel silly walking out to my driveway in my PJs while my neighbor is getting her kids off to school in street clothes and full makeup.) I think I will make a plan to get myself out of the house every morning--grocery shopping, getting a hot chocolate, walking, riding my bike, running errands, meeting someone for breakfast, going in photo shoots, etc. If I do that, I think I will be much more productive overall.

Later y'all...


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